3 Marketing Strategies For Physicians From A Top Call-Answering Service

These three physician marketing strategies attract new patients and increase revenue.

Bring in new patients with these physician marketing strategies

Modern healthcare consumers are faced with many choices when it comes to their providers and the treatment they receive. How can you make your practice stand out, book more appointments and increase revenue? One way is by ensuring that your marketing strategy is up-to-date and maximizing opportunities.

Physician marketing focuses on strategies that generate morepatients.1 In 2023, most physicians have shifted their marketing efforts to online campaigns. With nearly 5 percent of all Google searches being health-related, many providers are revamping their online marketing strategies.

Here are some of the methods physicians can implement to market their services, stay competitive and bring in new patients.  

Strategy #1: Create useful patient resources

Do a deep dive analysis to determine what types of information your audience is searching for. You can use online tools to determine what topics are commonly researched and then create content that would be most useful for readers. This could include articles, infographics, videos, checklists or more. Offer useful information so they can utilize the material as a resource going forward. This helps to establish your position as a thought leader within the industry and build credibility as a trusted source of information.

Strategy #2: Optimize new and existing content for search engines

A recent article published in Forbes states that “most SERP clicks go to the first three organic results.” 1 When you use relevant keywords in your content, you can increase the likelihood of appearing organically in search engine results. Optimized content not only increases visibility but can also lead to more site visitors. You may want to consider establishing a Google Business profile, then move towards creating content driven by keywords. From there, optimize HTML tags, crosslink webpages and add citations for local SEO.2 Be sure to keep an eye on your site’s overall technical health, including site hierarchy and navigation.

Strategy #3: Pay close attention to your online brand and reputation

According to a survey from Healthcare Dive, 81 percent of patients consider online reviews when initiating care with a new provider.3 Within these reviews, consumers most heavily consider the “sentiments expressed through patients' feedback, average star ratings, and the total number of reviews.” With reviews carrying such weight, you must have a strategy for requesting reviews and responding to them. To start, identify the platforms where patients are leaving reviews. Next, ensure there is someone tasked in your office with monitoring and responding to reviews frequently.

Nexa Healthcare offers live medical call-answering services to book appointments

Marketing is just the first step. When potential patients reach out, you want to be sure someone is available to help them immediately. Our medical call-answering service provides trained receptionists who work remotely to book appointments, take messages and upload documents. We integrate directly with your existing patient management tool for seamless document transfers. Our HIPAA-compliant service enables receptionists to chat with online site visitors within minutes, gather information and book appointments. With our 24-hour medical answering service, our team can add appointments directly to your calendar any time of day.

Contact Nexa Healthcare to learn more about hiring a virtual medical receptionist

Stop missing possible opportunities after hours and on weekends. Partner with a team of virtual receptionists to stay booked and increase revenue. Call 800-756-3080 or connect with us online to learn more about our virtual call-answering services.


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