6 Signs You Can’t Do Business Alone

If you want your business to grow exponentially, you’ll need to bring in a team. Here are 6 signs you can't do business alone.

You’ve built your business from the ground up.What started as an idea has grown into a revenue-generating entity with real customers.But even though the business has grown, you’re still going at it alone. You’re putting in all the work and making it all happen.Here’s the problem: You can’t do it alone forever. If you want your business to grow exponentially, you’ll need to bring in a team or at the very least a few employees to help you out.You may or may not be at this point already, but you’ll soon find out.Today we’ll give you six signs that you can’t do business alone!

  1. Your Day-to-Day Tasks are Overwhelming

You’re putting in your best effort and trying to be as efficient as possible. But even still, you can’t manage to get everything done.Heck, your list of daily tasks seems like a mountain when you look at it in the morning. You often finish the day without getting nearly all of it finished.As a result, your productivity is slipping, as are the results you’re generating for your business.

  1. Your Personal Life is Suffering

Remember that whole “work-life balance” thing? Well, you barely even recognize that term now.You’ve cut down on social events and time with friends, and replaced those with “business hours.”You’ve stopped going on weekend adventures, and you barely have time to think about anything besides the next big work project.This lack of balance is starting to wear you down…

  1. You Don’t Have Time to Follow Up With Leads

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. It’s hard enough to generate quality leads – but all that lead generation effort will go to waste if you don’t properly follow up with those leads.The problem is, you don’t have nearly enough time to keep up with all the quality leads you have. And so, you’re missing out on big opportunities for your business.Potential sales are literally slipping through your fingers.What’s more, for the leads you do manage to contact, you don’t follow up with them quickly enough……And they end up going with a competitor instead!

  1. You’re Working More “In” the Business Than “On” the Business

In the beginning, you have to take on many roles in your business…You’re the CEO, the lead salesperson, the marketing manager, etc. And so, you’re always working “in” the business.That’s all good at the start – but it’s not sustainable…If you want your business to grow, you have to delegate many of the “in” the business tasks and start working on the “on” the business tasks. Otherwise, things will stagnate.

  1. You’re Missing Deadlines

Everybody misses a deadline once in awhile. But when it becomes a consistent issue, then it’s a big red flag.Your clients and customers will start dropping off, as they feel more and more like they can’t count on you to do the job right.Your reputation is essential in business, and when you miss deadlines, you severely damage that reputation.

  1. Your Passion is Fading

That fire you had when you first came up with your business idea? It’s starting to fade away.You no longer wake up in the morning excited to crush another day of work. Instead, you dread the mountain of tasks you need to do, and the lack of time in which to do them.Work is no longer fun. It feels like you’ve created a difficult job for yourself instead of a thriving business!

You Can’t Do Business Alone

It’s okay to do business alone at first. You’re still validating the idea, bootstrapping, and figuring things out. But once your business starts to grow, you really have two choices: hit a plateau where the growth slows down, or bring on motivated employees to help you keep growing.If you’re noticing the signs above, then it’s probably time to stop going at it alone!


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