HVAC Trends in 2023 Business Owners Should Know About

Here are the trends HVAC company owners should know and how Nexa Receptionists can help increase ROI.

Nexa Receptionists can help HVAC owners get ahead of the trends

As a home services owner, you should know what is trending in your industry. By knowing what to expect, you can update your marketing strategies, budget and staffing solutions. Here are three HVAC industry trends taking off in 2023.

Trend #1: The market for HVAC insulation is booming

The HVAC insulation market is experiencing a big boom, according to a recent MarketsandMarkets report.1 The global report followed key interviews conducted with CEOs, executives and technology leaders regarding the products, materials and end-use types in the HVAC insulation market. Following these interviews, they concluded that the HVAC insulation market will reach $7.4 billion by 2027, up $1.6 billion from 2022’s estimate of $5.8 billion. In total, researchers predicted a compound annual growth rate of 5 percent in the next five years 1

The study found that mineral wool is the fastest-growing material type. It also found that more insulation could be utilized for residential construction rather than commercial. Finally, the report stated that pipes are the fastest-growing product in the market. Business owners should consider this information when making predictions for their insulation inventory and available supply.  

Trend #2: Rebates and subsidies are making HVAC updates more affordable

Local and state governments will continue to review and adopt initiatives to incentivize residents to go green. For example, California offers residents “Go Green Home Energy Financing,” which makes energy efficiency upgrades more manageable. It provides residents with “no-fee, no-closing cost, low-interest loans from private lenders to help cover those initial expenses.” Eligible projects include HVAC systems and insulation. 2 In addition, some utility customers and renters can take advantage of rebates and subsidies to upgrade to energy-efficient devices. These rebates and subsidies often include central heating and cooling systems.

Trend #3: More HVAC companies are outsourcing receptionist services

One way many business owners will be preparing for market growth is by hiring virtual receptionists. With the market predicted to grow and residential construction predicted to increase, business owners want to ensure they are capturing every lead. Hiving a virtual HVAC receptionist who can provide coverage on an as-needed basis can increase return on investment and improve customer satisfaction. Companies that want to maintain a competitive edge and increase return on investment are leaning on staff augmentation solutions like a call answering service.

Contact a top remote answering service to grow your business

Get a plan in place to manage all call volumes at any point in time. At Nexa Receptionists, we provide bilingual live agents who book appointments, route calls and take messages. We send the information directly to your phone or email. Our system directly integrates into your existing customer management tools. With customized hours, we can answer calls, live chat and text any time of day.

Nexa Receptionists helps with cost-cutting for small business owners

Complete our contact form or call us at 800-756-3080 to learn more about our live answering services for small businesses today.


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