Stats You Need To Know For Medical Customer Service And Experience

As a medical professional, you know the industry is always changing. Here's some stats you need to know to ensure an excellent customer experience,

As a medical professional, you know the industry is always changing. Here are some stats you need to know to ensure you're providing an excellent customer experience:

The cost of onboarding alone for a mid-range office manager position is $8,000. -Center for American Progress

Why you need to know: It's not cheap to run a medical practice. Just the onboarding process for administrative help gets expensive, fast. This doesn't even account for salary, vacation time, benefits, and hiring costs to get an in-house position started.

Administration accounts for 31% of healthcare spending. -New England Journal of Medicine

Why you need to know: Reducing the time your office staff spends on calls can help shift their time to the other, value add tasks.

The #1 reason people dislike calling companies: not being able to speak to a real person right away. -New Voice Media

Why you need to know: Best practice is to answer the phone within three rings. The last thing you want to do is keep a customer waiting after a string of endless ringing.

In the last year, 67% of customers have hung up the phone out of frustration that they could not talk to a real person. -Help Scout

Why you need to know: We told you those customers aren't happy. They're not waiting on hold or calling back, especially in an emergency. They're moving on, right to your competition and the first practice that gives them the attention they need. Can you blame them?

88% of healthcare appointments are scheduled by phone. -Sequence

Why you need to know: In the marketing world, there's been a huge emphasis on omnichannel support options.

61% of patients surveyed would switch health care providers for the ability to get an appointment quickly when needed. -Accenture

Why you need to know: Customers value quick service as much as excellent service. If you can provide both, you're golden. If not, customer loyalty won't carry you through.

The 2018 Survey of American Physicians reported that 78% of physicians experience feelings of stress and burnout. -Massachusetts Medical Society

Why you need to know: We didn't need to tell you this one; you're more than likely feeling this stress and strain. The medical industry is incredibly stressful. A great way to alleviate this stress is to outsource administrative tasks that are important but time-consuming. Your time and health are extremely valuable, so delegate the routine to a reliable physician answering service!

Roughly 90 percent of survey respondents cited improving key elements of the consumer experience as a high priority for their organizations. - Vision Central

Why you need to know: Your competition is paying attention to the changing customer service landscape, and they're adjusting accordingly. If you're not making changes to keep up, you're losing customers.

81 percent of consumers are unsatisfied with their health care experience, and the less they interact with the system, the happier they are. -Prophet

Why you need to know: This is a surprising and worrying statistic for medical professionals. Don't despair; you can stand out from the crowd in a great way by simply providing an excellent customer experience to your patients.

So, what's the take away from all these stats?

  • Administrative tasks are costly and time-consuming
  • However, interacting with real people on the phone is crucial for the customer experience
  • If you don't have a live voice answering the phone, you're not delivering the experience callers expect

We have the solution. NexaMedical virtual receptionist services is a medical answering service that can answer calls, schedule appointments, integrate with your EHR, handle emergency call escalation, and more. Don’t waste any more time. You and your patients need a service that’s fast and accurate. We’re here to help. Find out how to get started here.


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