2023 Marketing Trends For Business Owners From A Top Answering Service

These marketing tips can elevate your business in 2023. Learn what a top answering service recommends. 

Even the best business plan can flop without a strong marketing strategy. How can you put your products and services in front of consumers and, moreover, get them to engage with your content?

Staying up to date on marketing trends can give your business a leg-up over the competition and put more money in your pocket.  

Business marketing trends to look out for

Here are three marketing trends businesses are using to skyrocket revenues and reach new audiences.

1. Relying on AI to create, analyze, predict and promote

Artificial intelligence is king in content marketing and strategy in 2023. According to a recent Forbes article, more businesses rely on artificial intelligence to hyper-personalize experiences.¹ Businesses are using artificial intelligence to customize and personalize marketing efforts. One popular AI tool being leveraged includes Chat GPT.  Business owners use programs like Chat GPT to “analyze customer behavior and predict their next steps […] to improve customer experience.” In a Marketing Spend Report by NP Digital, 98% of the 8000 marketers surveyed stated they would invest in AI tools in 2023.²  

To stay in line with your competition, you want to invest in AI tools that help you learn more about buyer personas, forecast behavior and collect data.  

2. Increasing budgets for content production and search engine optimization (SEO)

The NP Digital Study also revealed how businesses are modifying their marketing spends in 2023. The findings are clear: companies are increasing their content production and SEO budgets. 83% of marketers reported increasing their content production budget, with 68% of respondents increasing SEO budgets. If your company has not allocated additional spending towards either of these, consider reevaluating your strategy.  

3. Expanding content formats, including videos and podcasts  

More than three-fourths of NP survey respondents stated they would increase content production budgets to invest in various formats, including short-form videos and podcasts. With over three billion users watching videos online in 2022, “short-form, highly personalized video ads” are the most popular. Personalized ads increase the odds a viewer will watch a video from start to finish by 85%. Research the tools and resources at your disposal for new types of content creation to remain competitive.

Nexa Receptionists provides 24-hour answering services to increase revenue

Our virtual receptionists provide thousands of businesses nationwide with 24-hour live call, text and chat services. Nexa Receptionists provides bilingual receptionists who are trained in your vertical, following customized scripts to communicate with clients.  With industry-leading inbound, outbound and scheduling services, we increase prospective client rates by 25%. We integrate directly with your existing CRM and case management system so we can book appointments directly to your calendar. Our receptionists send booking information directly to your phone, so you wake up to confirmed appointments, not missed calls.  

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