3 Best Real Estate Agent Websites For Your Growing Business

Do you have a quality website for your real estate business?If not, you should reconsider….A website is crucial for a real estate business, especially when it comes to providing quality customer service.You see, your website is your home base. When you have a quality site, you make it easy for customers and prospects to contact you, ask for help, and learn more about what you do.You can also use it to post customer testimonials, list open houses, and more. It’s a valuable resource.But before you dive in and create your real estate website, you should learn from some of the best.So in today’s post, we’ll show you 3 of the best real estate agents on the web.

3 Best Real Estate Agent Websites on the Web

1. DustinSartoris.com

The first thing that stands out on Dustin’s site is its simplicity and ease of navigation. He has a map of his region, which allows you to click on the area in which you’d like to search for houses.The website also has helpful resources like a Perfect Home Finder, Buyer & Seller Guides, and Comparative Market Analysis. Plus, he’s got a blog where he rattles off home buying and selling tips. These resources and the content make Dustin appear as an authority in his field, and help build a trusting relationship with his visitors.What’s more, he has an easily visible contact number on the top right, along with icon links to all of his social media profiles. So, there’s no resistance at all for visitors and customers to contact him

2. SallyForsterJones.com

This website has a beautiful design. The video in the homepage header jumps right out at you when you visit the page. The video speaks to their target customers – luxury home buyers and sellers.As a side note, that’s one thing you need to keep in mind when creating your website: who is your target customers, and what type of messaging/content will they respond to best?Anyway, it also has three clear and easy options – find a home, sell a home, and find your home’s value.When you click on any of these options, there are guides and tips to help you with the process.Aside from testimonials (which you should always have on your website), they also have a “featured in” section, which includes prominent publications and media outlets like Forbes, Los Angeles Times, CNNMoney, and more. This creates a ton of social proof.

3. MichaelSaunders.com

This website has a big image of a beach on its homepage. This speaks to their target customer perfectly. It also highlights exactly which counties the real estate company services in the Florida Gulf Coast, with an option to search within those counties.But it doesn’t stop there. It also allows visitors to explore homes based on their desired lifestyles, of which they list 4 – on the beach, waterfront, golf & tennis, and island life. When you select any of these options, you’re taken to a short introduction of the lifestyle, followed by a list of homes that match up with that desired lifestyle.And so, it provides a unique way for visitors to find their homes.***Okay, you have some sources of inspiration now. But, how do you move forward and start building your real estate agent website?You can start with these resources:· AgentFire. This is a service that helps real estate agents create high-converting websites. If you’re not the do-it-yourself type and you want to hand off the website-building process to the professionals, this is the best service to do it.· WordPress.org. WordPress is one of the easiest platforms to build your real estate agent website.· GetResponse. Through email marketing platforms like GetResponse, you can keep in contact with your visitors and build a relationship with them (which leads to more sales).


As a real estate agent, your website is a valuable resource. If you don’t have a website or your site isn’t up to par, you should use these sites as inspiration to build (or rebuild) your own.


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