3 Signs You Need An Answering Service For Your Dental Practice

Do you need an answering service for your dental practice? Here’s how to tell.

Outsourcing call answering services for your dental practice can be intimidating, but it is far from elementary. Call answering services have revolutionized the way dentists book appointments and connect with patients for decades. With the help of dental answering services like Nexa Healthcare, dentists across the country have answered more calls and increased appointment bookings.

Here are three signs your practice needs a call answering service to increase revenue and help reach more patients.

You do not answer calls on nights, weekends and holidays  

Lower the burden on your staff members by allowing Nexa Healthcare to provide after-hours, overflow, weekend and holiday coverage. Our dental receptionists answer calls within three rings every time. Our team escalates urgent and emergency calls with on-call dispatch. We actively engage with patients no matter the time of day or day of the week. Expand your office hours and help patients afterhours with Nexa Healthcare, providing coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week year-round.  

There are data entry errors during patient intake  

Our dental receptionists are trained to input patient information with a high rate of accuracy. We also offer bilingual answering services for dentists to reduce data entry errors that may result from language barriers. Our receptionists connect with patients, gather information and help them promptly. Avoid data entry errors in your dental practice by outsourcing the intake process to Nexa Healthcare. With unmatched consistency and expert-level training, our receptionists are highly skilled and serve as an extension of your team.  

Your dental practice is missing calls  

Nobody is smiling when the phones aren’t answered. If you’re missing calls, you’re missing out on booking appointments with prospective and existing patients. According to data from Blue Corona, 85% of callers won’t call back a second time.¹ That means lost patients and possibly delayed care. When it comes to your dental practice, one missed call could lead new and longtime patients towards your competitors’ doors.  If you’re missing calls, it’s time to find a solution as soon as possible to stop keeping patients waiting. Nexa Healthcare answers calls within three rings for dentists nationwide. Outsource answering services to our virtual receptionists while your team focuses on running the business.  

Convert more leads with a top dental answering service

If you’re investing in marketing, you should be investing in an answering service. When potential patients call your office, you need to answer every time or risk missing out on your return on investment. Not only can answering services save you in labor costs and increase revenue, but Nexa Healthcare also increases prospective patient conversion rates by over 25%. Offload the administrative and intake services to our team any day of the year. We will answer more calls, converting more leads that could turn into long-term patients.  

Contact Nexa Healthcare for 24/7 dental answering services  

Learn more about our inbound, outbound and scheduling services by calling 888-524-3799 or scheduling an appointment with us online. As an industry leader in call answering services for dentists, we can get you set up fast with direct EMR/EHR integration and HIPAA compliance.  


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