3 Ways To Stay Booked In 2023 (Infographic)

These three tips from our virtual scheduling team will help business owners stay booked in 2023.

Keep Schedules Full In The New Year

It’s the New Year! Here is how your business can keep your schedule full.

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#1: Become A Tech Guru

According to a Forbes article on the top challenges CIOs will face in 2023, “Consumers want convenience, consumers want choice and consumers want all of that to be equitable and accessible.”1  One way to modernize your appointment-booking process and embrace technology is to support scheduling via various methods such as call, chat and text.

#2: Hire The Right Talent

The tumultuous economy has led more business owners to struggle to find and retain workers resulting in missed calls and opportunities. If you cannot find workers to ensure calls are answered and appointments are booked, you may want to “consider leaning into staff augmentation solutions.” 1 In place of full-time employees, business owners may want to consider hiring contractors on an as-needed basis to fill gaps.2

#3: Make Data-Informed Decisions

Managing and interpreting data can help you to better understand your customers and keep appointments booked.3 When you analyze caller information, you can learn detailed information about who is calling. Through the collection of call data, you can identify gaps or delays in the booking process that could result in abandoned calls, no-shows or canceled appointments.

Nexa Receptionists Can Help Grow Your Business In The New Year

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