4 Reasons Healthcare Companies Are Going Digital With Virtual Receptionists

Improving patient experience first starts with virtual scheduling. Call 800-756-3080 for NexaHealthcare virtual receptionists.

Going digital with healthcare scheduling

Apps like Uber, Amazon and DoorDash have been largely successful due to the convenience factor. While consumers could theoretically order directly from a manufacturer or restaurant, convenience is an easy selling point. In one search, users can compare products and secure a purchase within minutes.

While applying this type of fast service is not always practical or desirable in healthcare, convenience remains a motivating factor in consumer culture. The pinnacle of providing healthcare is prioritizing patient needs. With patients who are on the go with limited time to prioritize healthcare, they are looking for quick and easy solutions. Accessibility to healthcare is a necessary aspect of providing high-quality patient care and providers must maintain digital fluency to meet these needs.

More than 1,000,000,000 health-related Google searches are made daily

Google has become a powerhouse for individuals to be empowered and in control of their health. With millions of resources at their fingertips on any given subject, once they have the information, their next step may be to contact a physician. This is a provider’s opportunity to raise brand awareness and establish visibility with optimized content. Often, this content is educational information that includes a link to book an appointment. With around seven percent of daily Google searches related to health, providers must be sure to provide a service that stands out from the rest and remain competitive. One way many healthcare companies have improved visibility is by using online scheduling tools.

U.S. healthcare companies increased advertising spending by 11.5 percent in 2022

Competition for healthcare is abundant. From dentists to specialty clinics, consumers have a range of options to choose from. Some healthcare companies have employed traditional methods such as commercials, billboards, magazine ads and email campaigns for decades. However, traditional marketing in today's competitive economy is going to limit visibility and opportunities. Healthcare companies are taking a new-age approach with digital advertising often superseding commercials. These digital ad placements include social media sites and PPC ads. This had led to an 11.5 percent increase in advertising spending this year among healthcare providers.

Whether a consumer is led to your site via a PPC ad or organic search, once you have captured their attention, you have a limited window to convert. Implementing online tools to streamline the scheduling process can improve conversion.

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Improving patient experience starts with user-friendly scheduling

According to a 2019 McKinsey survey, 28 percent of respondents said they are more likely to visit their primary care provider if there is quicker access to appointments. [3] What does that mean exactly? It means that providers can maximize resources and prioritize patient care by employing digital scheduling tools. In short, access to online scheduling tools means fewer people delaying the care they need. Accessibility is a critical aspect of patient care. Employing online scheduling systems means appointments can be made after hours which offers an additional layer of accessibility for any patient.

The growing familiarity with digital tools means fewer barriers to scheduling

With digital tools such as online scheduling and patient portals booming in popularity, relying on them is less intimidating than before. Previously, younger generations utilized digital tools while older generations relied on traditional scheduling methods such as calling.

However, with a global pandemic, online scheduling became a necessity. Now, healthcare providers who do not offer it are at a disadvantage when compared with competitors. In the same McKinsey survey we mentioned previously, the company saw a drastic rise in respondents’ familiarity with digital tools. These include patient portals, e-scheduling and electronic records. With patients becoming more familiar with digital solutions to traditional scheduling, now is a good time to start the implementation process.

NexaHealthcare offers healthcare virtual receptionists  

Prioritizing digital accessibility for scheduling is the pathway to improving patient care. One way to promote accessibility is by hiring a virtual receptionist service with around-the-clock coverage. They offer scheduling services to patients no matter what time they call and facilitate communication with their providers. Our receptionists have expert-level skills in providing compassionate, patient-centered care.

We can also provide valuable data regarding intake. We will provide reports to empower healthcare providers to view trends and make data-informed decisions. As a healthcare-exclusive company, we know how to put the patient first while ensuring there is clear and accurate communication with their provider. To learn more about our virtual healthcare receptionist services, please call 800-756-3080 or get started with virtual scheduling today.


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