4 Strategies To Improve Customer Communication From A Top Call Answering Service

Are your call answering services hurting or helping customer communication? Ensure brand loyalty and find out.

Improve your call answering service and retain customers

When customers reach out to your business, you want them to have a seamless and worry-free experience. Unfortunately, if communication with your customers has not been finetuned, you can miss out on potential opportunities.

You can reduce your costs and grow your business by taking a close look at your call answering services. Are your current processes ensuring that you are capturing every lead? Do you have the infrastructure in place to answer calls and assist existing customers?

Here are four strategies business owners can leverage to improve communication with their customers and maintain customer loyalty.  

Rely on a virtual receptionist to answer calls and take messages

When your internal team is focused on taking messages and routing calls, it can leave little time to complete high-priority tasks. Maximizing the expertise of each of your internal team members is crucial to saving time and money. One way to support your team is by outsourcing receptionist services. When you rely on an external telephone call answering service, your team members can focus on supporting the business in other ways. It also can guarantee that after-hours calls will be answered and that potential leads can be captured at any time of day. The leading receptionist services now integrate with your systems, so they truly are an extension of your business.

Make the caller’s experience convenient, easy and fast 24/7

Speed and convenience are essential. Business owners should prioritize answering inquiries quickly and providing helpful service once connected. You want to make a good first impression and show callers that you care about their needs and value their time. Be sure that your staff is properly equipped to field calls and book appointments to prevent unnecessary delays in retaining and adding new customers.

Provide digital options for communicating, especially after hours

Giving potential and existing customers an option for how they want to communicate with your business is a game-changer. Offering the ability to book appointments virtually can not only differentiate you from your competitors, but also increase the number of leads when appointments can be booked at any time of day.  

Some of your customers may require ongoing support but would prefer to contact you over online chat. Offering your audience options on how to contact you makes your team more accessible and, thereby, directly improves communication and customer experience.

Gather call answering data to learn about customers’ communication styles

Are you aware of how long it takes your current call answering service to connect with customers? Do you know how long potential customers are spending on the phone with a representative? Do you know how many calls you are missing on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Knowing this data is important to find gaps in processes that could be negatively impacting your callers’ experiences. As stated in a recent Nasdaq article, “small businesses can’t use their own gut instincts and business histories as a guide” and, instead, they should use data insights to make decisions. [1]

Get support from a virtual receptionist

A virtual call answering service like Nexa Receptionists provides real-time data that can be accessed at any point in time. Using call data can not only nurture marketing ideas but also help you better address your customers’ needs.

We offer virtual office receptionists who can answer and route calls, schedule appointments and take messages. While we answerphones, our tools compile critical data to inform your decisions. We offer people-powered text and chat messaging, 24/7. No matter what time someone wants to contact your team, they will be able to speak with a person over the phone, chat or text.

Contact a top call answering service today

We are known as one of the best call answering services in the nation and we are ready to help you reduce costs and grow your business. Get in touch with a representative today to learn more by completing our contact form or calling 800-756-3080.  


  1. Nasdaq. Why Small Businesses Need Better Data Insights to Survive Today’s Economic Turmoil. https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/why-small-businesses-need-better-data-insights-to-survive-todays-economic-turmoil

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