4 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Sister Jean

Entrepreneurs can learn some valuable lessons from Sister Jean. Find out 4 ways you can improve your outlook and success from her wisdom.

It’s hard to find a more beloved figure on the Internet than Sister Dolores Jean, the team chaplain for the Ramblers basketball team of Loyola University-Chicago.As the Ramblers are headed to the Final Four in a game against Michigan this Saturday, we could all learn a lesson from the drive and attitude Sister Jean has shown this season.Here are 4 quotes from the Sister herself and the lessons entrepreneurs can learn.Stay Energized “When people say, ‘Why do you do this? You must be awfully tired,’ I said, ‘What difference does it make at 98, whether I’m tired or not?'”Sister Jean has been working with Loyola-Chicago students since 1991, and only missed two home games since 1994. She broke a hip back in November but kept up with every game on her iPad at home.If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you absolutely must be self-motivated. When you’re working for yourself, no one is going to be holding you accountable but yourself.Find your passion, and commit to making magic happen.

Accept Mistakes

“A young man said to me the other day: ‘Sister Jean, we broke your bracket.’ I said ‘keep breaking it! That’s OK with me.”Even though not predicting her team would make it to the Final Four of March Madness is a happy mistake, Sister Jean immediately adjusted her attitude to the new situation.Adaptability is a crucial trait for entrepreneurs. You need to be ready for anything in the business world.Try tackling problems with an approach like this, and your results will thrive.

Support Your Team

Sister Jean is receiving publicity and kudos from people across the country and world, including Charles Barkley and Barack Obama. However, she’s only getting this attention in the first place because she’s been so dedicated to her team.“They’re very special, and they’re very good,” she said. “These kids play with their hearts and their heads because they love their school and because they love basketball.”Sister Jean is fully dedicated to her team and is using her platform to lift them up. Do the same for your work team, and even difficult times in business will become better.It’s easy to forget to take time to do this on the daily grind, but making a moment for positive acknowledgement of your team will go a long way for morale.

Exude Confidence

When a reporter called her a national sensation, Sister Jean interrupted to say, “Really, if I can correct you, international.”The quote is being hailed as funny and surprising, but it’s a great example of confidence; Sister Jean knows the work she’s doing is important and well-received and had no problem correcting someone who says otherwise.Taking credit for your own work can be difficult for most people, especially in our work culture that demands humbleness as well as high performance.That being said, you need to give yourself kudos when you deserve it!Hard work should pay off, and entrepreneurs need to be able to self-advocate. Take pride in what you do.No matter what happens during the rest of March Madness, we’re all blessed to have Sister Jean. Her wisdom and life approach can help us all out, especially entrepreneurs.


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