5 Things Your Home Services Company Should Do to Prepare for Winter

This winter, be proactive. Use these tips to heat up lead generation at your home services company.

Winter is coming - is your home service business ready? For contractors, HVAC companies, plumbers, and other home service providers, the colder months often bring an influx of repair calls and seasonal maintenance needs. Don't get left out in the cold when demand spikes this winter. Here are five key steps to prepare your business for the busy winter months ahead.

Optimize Your Website

As homeowners search for reliable service providers to call, make sure your website is in tip-top shape. Update your homepage to highlight winter-specific service offerings like furnace tune-ups, gutter cleaning, insulation installation, pipe wrapping, etc. Refresh website copy to use relevant keywords that clients are searching for. Contact Nexa to learn more about how we support business owners by maximizing their online presence.  

Review Call Handling

To capture every lead this winter, ensure your phone system and call-handling process is optimized for maximum coverage. Look at call volume trends from previous years to forecast staffing needs. Add extra phone lines or a call answering service to handle overflow calls and after-hours inquiries. The last thing you want is missed calls and lost business.

Analyze Past Data

By looking back at your call logs, invoices and other data from prior winters, you can uncover trends and insights to guide your planning. Identify which services are most requested in winter. See if call volume spikes at certain times you should staff up for. Review historical conversions to inform sales outreach. And use customer details to target your ideal clients.

Plan Marketing and Outreach

Use past data to shape your winter marketing strategy. Craft promotions for your most profitable cold weather services to highlight on social media and Google ads. Segment your customer list based on their typical maintenance needs and past purchases. Then, send targeted emails or direct mail to pitch relevant services and special offers. Don't wait for the phone to ring - be proactive to fill your schedule.

Stock Up on Inventory

Being short on supplies can lead to costly delays and poor customer experiences. Review inventory levels for items you routinely need in winter, like furnace filters, pipe insulation, ice melt products, roof rakes, etc. Place orders early to avoid any stock shortages when demand is high. And stock your warehouse or trucks with adequate materials to complete jobs efficiently.

Get In Touch

By implementing these preparatory steps now, your home service business will be ready to take on winter confidently. Reach out to the Nexa team today if you need assistance handling increased call volume and maximizing opportunities all season long. Our scalable services like call answering, live chat, intake and scheduling will set you up for success when the cold hits. Don't hibernate - be proactive and prepare your business for a profitable winter!


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