6 Common Misconceptions About Virtual Receptionist Services

Now, more than ever, companies are switching from in-house receptionists to virtual answering services. Here are 6 misconceptions and the truth.

Now, more than ever, companies are switching from in-house receptionists to virtual answering services. Since virtual receptionists are 1/10th the cost of a traditional in-house receptionist, it makes sense to outsource your calls and scheduling. However, a lot of misconceptions remain in the industry.Here are 6 common assumptions about virtual receptionists, and the Nexa Receptionists solutions.

1. All answering services are sourced overseas

This is true for some answering services, especially the very cheap ones. The service is being outsourced if you're paying cents on the minute.However, all of our virtual receptionists at Nexa Receptionists are working out of offices in Arizona and Virginia. (Many of our virtual receptionists are fluent in Spanish; Nexa Receptionists offers bilingual services at no extra cost.)

2. The cheaper the price, the better it will be for my business

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Cheap answering services oversaturate the market. Your calls will be botched if you’re paying cents for the minute. Your clients will hear the difference in quality.  When it comes to an answering service cost, “You get what you pay for,” said Stephen Shepard, a lawyer from Maryland. “I previously used one of the cheaper companies. I got complaints, the owner was insane, and the quality of service was just awful. Nexa Receptionists has helped my business tremendously by answering my missed calls properly and getting me the information I need.”Joe Saienni of Saienni Law had a similar experience; “I realized after exploring alternative options to Nexa Receptionists that no one else could do what was so important for Saienni Law,” he told us. “We’ve been using Nexa Receptionists for years, but the answering service we had previously used couldn’t even pronounce our name right.”You can’t risk unprofessionalism and incompetence on calls with current and future clients because you can’t get back that first impression.

3. Virtual Receptionists are working out of their homes

Although remote virtual receptionists are an important part of a digital workplace, they aren’t working from home. Our virtual receptionists at Nexa Receptionists are working out of physical call centers, where they have been trained on verticalized teams. Our call centers are busy, but not noisy. You can call a test line to see for yourself as part of the onboarding process.

4. My calls won’t have a human touch because answering services are automated

Nexa Receptionists' virtual receptionists are live, actual humans from across the greater Phoenix valley area. Our calls are never automated! Having a virtual receptionist ensures that your potential clients are never greeted with a phone tree, a robotic answer, or a voicemail again. Read about the importance of having  “live voice answering” here.

5. A virtual receptionist can’t compare to an in-house receptionist

The good news is that a virtual receptionist can do even more than an in-house receptionist.A traditional receptionist works 9-to-5, answers calls, and requires training, vacation, health care, and other costly benefits. At Nexa Receptionists, our team will answer calls with your personalized messages, integrate with your CRM systems, schedule appointments into your business CRM, scheduling app, calendar or Google setup.“Our customers commented that when they first spoke with [Nexa Receptionists] they were surprised because they thought they had spoken with our in-house office staff,” said R.T of Triple-A Pumping and Jetting Inc, a Nexa Receptionists customer.Chad Forbush of American Home Guardian said “We feel confident that everything is handled as well as if you [Nexa Receptionists] were in the office with us. I have never had a customer complain about the answer or the response they got from one of the staff.”

6. Using a virtual reception service will lock you into a contract

Nexa Receptionists doesn’t have contracts; we work with you a month to month.As a business owner, lawyer, or small startup, you have to consider all the answers to questions like these when investing in an answering service. Nexa Receptionists is ready to provide you with the answers and the service your business deserves.If you have a question not seen here, please reach out on social media, contact a sales representative, or read some customer testimonies.

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