A Professional Call Answering Service Empowers Business Owners To Overcome Challenges

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Call answering services for professionals can help solve common problems

As 2023 approaches, business owners are facing a variety of challenges and looking for new ways to overcome hurdles and modify processes. One resource that has proven success rates is utilizing a professional call answering service.

Here are some common obstacles business owners encounter and the benefits of hiring a virtual receptionist.

A virtual receptionist provides coverage during staffing shortages

According to a small business jobs report by Score, business owners continue to face significant challenges in attracting and retaining talent. Nearly two-thirds of business owners reported staffing issues as their primary obstacle to running a successful company. With staggering unemployment rates, it is no wonder that attracting the right person can be tricky. In fact, 89.5% of business owners who participated stated that they find it “somewhat or very difficult” to attract talent. [1]

One strategy business owners can explore includes hiring a trained and skilled virtual assistant to fill the gaps in coverage. At Nexa Receptionists, we offer around-the-clock coverage from receptionists trained in your vertical that you can count on to answer the phone. Our receptionists respond to inquiries via call, live chat and text. Our virtual answering services include secure appointment booking, call routing and message taking. Securing consistency in communication can ensure staffing constraints do not directly impact your business or customers.

A call answering service for professionals reduces the stress on your employees

It can be difficult to obtain long-term success when workers are depressed and facing high burnout rates. Studies show that workers are feeling worse each year. “Malaise, burnout, depression and stress” are at all-time highs among workers. [2] Business owners must establish realistic expectations for production and performance to retain talent.

One solution to preventing burnout is by outsourcing administrative tasks. This can free up your employees’ time and allow them to shift their focus to helping your customers in other ways. From our virtual offices, our receptionists can handle inbound and outbound sales calls, bilingual answering services, client intake, appointment scheduling and more. Hiring a virtual receptionist to assist with tasks like these can be a successful strategy to generating more leads, balancing workloads and increasing conversion rates.

Prevent setbacks in staffing and stress on your employees with a 24/7 virtual receptionist

From IT services to real estate, we have receptionists who are trained in a variety of verticals. Get the help you need quickly with fast onboarding. We seamlessly integrate into your existing customer management system so you can use tools you are already familiar with. By providing appointment scheduling services with a live person any time of day via chat, text or phone, you can be sure to maximize opportunities.

A virtual call answering service empowers businesses to:

·       Overcome language challenges with bilingual receptionists

·       Increase customer retention and satisfaction with expanded availability

·       Decrease staffing costs and create a reliable source of assistance

·       Focus on other aspects of running the business while outsourcing other tasks

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