Angi and Nexa Partner To Bust Lead Generation Myths For Home Service Companies (Webinar)

Angi and Nexa know the secrets to lead generation for home services companies. Watch our webinar and learn more.

Partnering with companies like Angi has ensured our clients access the highest-quality resources to help grow their businesses. In our recent co-hosted webinar, the Nexa and Angi teams collaborated to educate our customers on successful lead-generation strategies. We’ve worked with thousands of home services companies. We’ve seen businesses at every point in their life cycle.  

Here are a couple of quick takeaways from last week’s webinar. You can also download the webinar recording here.

Outdated lead generation strategies cost you money

Don’t wait for outdated and ineffective lead-generation strategies to start working. Start making lead generation strategies work for you by moving away from the ones that don’t. If you want to stop generating unqualified leads and start making the phone ring, our team at Nexa recommends reevaluating lead generation strategies often. Ask yourself: How are you getting new customers in the door and what happens once they are there?  

Waiting to return calls means not closing a lead

Having a plan in place to answer and return calls quickly is a quick way to improve lead generation. When service professionals call homeowners back within 15minutes, they are more than twice as likely to have longer than a one-minute conversation. If they return to the call, they are more than 60% more likely to close the lead. The first person to respond is typically the person who closes the lead.1 Nexa ensures that calls are answered within 3 rings. However, we also provide outbound calling services to reach customers and connect with lost leads.

Exclusive discounts for existing customers of Angi and Nexa

Angi is the home away from home that serves as a source for service professionals. From new customers to review streams, reviews and perks, they empower service providers at the right time with the right jobs. Once a lead is generated, Nexa provides live call, text and chat services to make confirmed appointments.  

Take advantage of exclusive offers to get set up with Angi and Nexa today. Angi is offering Nexa customers 25% off all lead spend for the first 30 days and a quarterly rebate on all lead spend. Angi customers can partner with Nexa and receive 15% off standard pricing for voice and text plans. Get a 24/7/365 answering service set up fast.

Watch the full webinar to generate leads for your home service company

Ready to learn more? Download the full webinar recording here. Take advantage of the exclusive offers by clicking the links above.  


*This offer is only applicable to newly approved Angi members. Please note, 30 days starts after your account is approved.



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