Beat the Heat With An HVAC Virtual Receptionist

It's about to heat up in the HVAC industry. NexaHomeServices is ready to help your business reach every lead and keep every customer happy this season.

Summer 2019 is shaping up to be one of the hottest on record, and temperatures are already rising. HVAC professionals across the country are getting ready for a hectic season. Chances are, your phone is already ringing non-stop. You’re busy on the road, on roofs, and on the go. How can you answer every call?You can’t. And if you aren’t, you’re missing potential customers, new leads, and current clients with an emergency.

Excellent service and a live voice on every call.

If a potential customer is trying to reach your business and gets a voicemail or endless phone tree, they’re not going to try and call again later as 75% of customers believe it takes too long to reach a live agent.  Research also shows that 78% of customers have bailed on a transaction because of a poor service experience.  You can’t ignore those statistics. Customers are moving straight on to the next provider that can get them a live voice phone answering service to answer their questions.  Take it from Ed Black, the owner of Environmental Air Inc., a customer for over 25 years. “We were looking for a real voice on the other end of calls. That personal touch has always been really important to us.” Read more here about how NexaHomeServices has provided excellent customer experience for Ed’s customers for the last 26 years.  

Emergency escalation makes all the difference.

BusinessWire reports that the most common home emergency is a faulty air conditioning or heating system, accounting for more than 20%  of all emergency calls. A virtual receptionist service can escalate those calls so you aren’t missing out on big jobs. Our receptionists at NexaHomeServices stay cool under pressure. They train specifically in your procedures and handle every call in line with your standards. They know when to call in an emergency dispatch to your team, and get fast turnaround times for your clients.

When your team can’t catch every call, Nexa HomeServices is ready, 24/7/365.

Emergencies don’t wait for convenient times, so your business can’t wait, either. Our HVAC answering service team of virtual receptionists are available 24/7/365. Your customers will enjoy high quality, specialized service every time, whether that’s in the middle of the night when their pipes burst or at high noon when their AC goes out. According to the Operations Manager of Penguin Air & Plumbing, “When someone’s air conditioning is not working in the dead of a Phoenix summer, they’re not waiting to receive service. Our response time has to be within minutes - or they’re on to the next company.”Find out more here about NexaHomeServices helped Penguin Air & Plumbing increase their customer conversion by 20% while still saving money.

Let Nexa HomeServices take the lead.

Summer 2019 is coming. Be ready with support from NexaHomeServices. Our virtual receptionists are trained to offer your customers a live voice, emergency escalation, appointment setting and scheduling, and CRM integration, 24/7/365.We’re ready to support your business this season. Contact to get started.


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