5 Benefits of Call Center to a Small Business

Wondering how you can significantly boost success without spending much? A call center can help. Read on for the benefits of call center to business

In today’s high-tech world, you might think automated texts and online forms are key to good business. While they can certainly help streamline simple tasks and alleviate stress on your team’s workflow, the desire to talk with a real human seems stronger than ever. 

A person-to-person call system can transform your small business. However, handling hundreds of incoming calls might not be possible for a small staff—that’s where outbound or inbound call center services can help. For businesses, a 24/7 call center service can help improve:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer engagement
  • Sales
  • Payroll misspend
  • Company productivity
  • Scheduling operations  

As a small business, it’s important to work smarter, not harder. Call on a quality customer support service like Nexa, and you could significantly boost your success without increasing expenditure. Need convincing? Here are a few in-depth benefits of a call center to business operations like yours.

#1 Reduced Payroll Expenses

Every member matters on a small team. If an employee doesn’t add value equal to their cost, then you might be wasting money. For full-time, in-house receptionists, that is often the case.

The cost of a full-time receptionist goes beyond salary. Hiring an employee to operate phones can also include other expenses like:

  • Onboarding and training 
  • Health insurance
  • 401k accounts
  • PTO and sick days
  • Phone line installation
  • Phone service costs

Each month, you might be spending thousands on an employee that can’t fully handle your customer communications. Even worse, receptionists are paid the same whether or not they’re actively answering customer inquiries. If no one calls that day, your full-time receptionist still receives eight hours of pay.

This is where call centers can save you cash.

With most call center plans, you pay for time used. That means zero overhead employment costs or wasted money. Over time, this can greatly reduce the cost of phone operations (down to 10% of the cost for an in-house receptionist). And as a small business owner, every penny counts. If you are still unsure if outsourcing is the best option, there are many ways to evaluate call center outsourcing costs

#2 Increased Company Productivity

Productivity fuels your business. When your workers constantly face distractions, to-do list overload, or extraneous tasks, it can rob productive work time. Harvard Business Review found that workers need 23 minutes to fully recover after a distraction like a phone call. 

By outsourcing customer service calls to a dedicated call center, you free both you and your employees to focus on the tasks that matter. And when your staff is already wearing so many hats, this can be critical for the productivity of a small business.

Quality call centers like Nexa also have omnichannel communications to handle all customer inquiries, which allows your team to more easily review the entire scope of the day’s interactions at a glance. These open channels include:

  • Phone calls (outbound and inbound)
  • Live text messaging
  • Live online chat
  • Client intake
  • Appointment scheduling

By funneling all communication into one platform, your team doesn’t have to waste time switching between multiple apps and, once again, recovering from distractions brought about by ringing phones, pinging live chats, and more. For small businesses, it’s a money saver and time saver.

#3 Enhanced Customer Service 

From classical strings to smooth jazz, on-hold music might be the most frustrating sound for customers. That wait time can hurt your business—but not with an outsourced call center or answering service for small business.

When it comes to business phone operations, immediacy is crucial. In fact, about one third of consumers hang up after just five minutes or less on hold. Limited in-house phone lines risk placing customers on long holds, or even ignoring a customer call. However, call centers can handle hundreds of customer calls for a single business with less wait time.

Even better? Many call centers offer 24/7 availability. The average small business may not work around the clock, but our phone operators can assist your customers at any hour. Compared to other small businesses with limited operational hours, yours will provide a service that your competitors simply can’t.

#4 Higher Sales & Customer Satisfaction

Excellent customer service is key to sales, starting with effective, helpful customer call. By satisfying customer needs with an inbound call center or outbound call center, you could significantly boost your small business’s earnings.

Need convincing? Here are a few statistics on customer preference and satisfaction with a call center operation:

  • Preferred mode – 62% of customers prefer a phone call for assistance over all other forms of communication.
  • Purchase confidence – In one survey, 87% of customers said talking to a human on the phone raised their confidence in a high-consideration purchase.
  • Lead response – A comprehensive call center like Nexa can handle inbound calls and outbound calls. By reaching out within five minutes of an online lead, a virtual call center can increase sales by nine times. Most small businesses can’t respond that quickly without outsourced help, losing out on potential sales.

#5 Easier Scheduling

Salons, veterinarians, landscapers, designers—many small businesses rely on appointments to operate. Now, customer scheduling and intake have never been easier.

Forget writing dates on a notepad or flipping between digital calendars and intake forms. Our receptionists are trained to handle most CRM systems, so your appointments seamlessly appear on your calendar. Schedule, enroll, and adjust the profiles of your customers with one call center service. It’s a simple solution for a streamlined scheduling process, especially when your client and project lists are growing so quickly as a scaling business.

Reach the Next Level of Small Business Success with Nexa

Outsourcing isn't just for major corporations. A full-service call center like Nexa can take your small business to new heights. From higher sales to simpler scheduling, our call answering service for small business operations can support your specific company goals. 

Take the next step towards success with Nexa—it could be the wake-up call your business needs. 


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