Boost Your Business This Holiday Season With an Answering Service

How do you get the edge you need for your business during the holidays? The answer is simple: hire an answering service to handle calls and admin.

The end of the year is a wonderful time to celebrate with friends and family and reflect on the previous year. It’s also a chaotic time of year! You're wrapping up Q4 while managing your team’s vacation and clients that are in celebration mode, not business mode.How do you get the edge you need for your business during the holidays? The answer is simple: hire a call answering service. How exactly does a live answering service help your business over the holidays?

Live Voice Answering, 24/7/365

Even if your business is slowing down, you're still getting calls, during the day and after standard business hours. You don't want to try to handle it yourself, and delegating to your team will halt their productivity. They want to be with their loved ones, not hedging phone calls.Enter an after-hours call answering service like Nexa! Our receptionists work around the clock, 24/7/365, in 3 different centers across the country. Our team will answer your calls while you handle the essentials, and then enjoy yourself.“I can personally say that Nexa directing calls has greatly cut down on the number of calls I take and have to reroute. This allows me to get more of my other duties done in a day," said Ryan Dougherty, a corporate team member for Assisted Living Locators. “Any business missing a high volume of calls, either after hours or when their phone lines are tied up, would benefit from Nexa. It's been our solution."

Excellent Customer Service

Even during the holidays, your customers expect excellent service. 70% of customers in the U.S have spent more money to do business with a company that delivers great service, according to American Express.When a customer has an experience with your business, you're not just competing against other services in your industry. You're competing against every service experience they've ever had. No pressure, right?You can do it with some help! Offering excellent customer support is easy with a virtual receptionist service. Our team at Nexa is trained in your procedures and processes. We know your industry and work as a true extension of your business. We handle calls the same way you would in-house.“The responsiveness of the wonderful and dedicated staff at Nexa has been a game-changer,” said a therapist in Gardnerville, NV. “You can hear the smiles in their voices. They have the readiness to serve and work hard to communicate clearly and learn from each interaction.”

Lead Qualification & Appointment Scheduling

Are you finding yourself struggling with an influx of new leads? Are they high-quality leads, or are they wasting your time? At Nexa, we don't just answer your phone. We also initially screen leads according to your questions and standards. That way, only the best get through to you and your sales team.This lead qualification reduces the amount of time employees spend qualifying leads and generates more revenue through increased conversion rates. How's that for a holiday gift?"Our goal is to win more cases and get more clients. However, we were all having a hard time handling the influx of calls. Now with Nexa, we no longer lose leads that would hang up if we didn’t answer the phone right away." said Joseph J. Duerst, an attorney.

Stay Productive With An Answering Service & Enjoy the Season!

An answering service is your secret weapon as a business owner this holiday season. Save time, money, and resources while resting easy because your calls are handled.


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