Capture More Leads In Marketing Campaigns With CallRail and Nexa Receptionists

Find out how Nexa Receptionists and CallRail integrate to help your business to track calls instead of labor costs and increase revenue.

If you’re not tracking lead sources and identifying which channels increase your return on investment, you’re one step behind your competitors. Likewise, if you’re investing in call tracking but not resourcing to answer the phone, you’re wasting money and missing out. CallRail provides businesses with the intelligence to know what marketing is generating leads, and Nexa makes sure those leads turn into customers.  

How does CallRail help business owners?

Small and large businesses alike can track which marketing campaigns are driving the most leads and have smarter conversations via CallRail’s Conversion Intelligence. Instantly, the tracking software analyzes calls and chats, transcribes customer interactions, and identifies trends within interactions.  CallRail tracks the full online user journey and which ads grab the user’s attention and connect them to inbound calls, text messages and web forms, enabling business owners to identify, qualify and convert leads more efficiently.  With visitor-level tracking, CallRail can distinctly determine one customer from another and take account of every attribution point, even if they come back at a later date.  

How does a tracking solutions service and a virtual receptionist service work together?  

Combined with a live answering service like Nexa Receptionists, the answering agent can have smarter conversations, and the business owner can maintain full transparency into data and insights while freeing up time to run their business. Nexa Receptionists provides live answering agents 24 hours a day, seven days a week to connect with leads via call, text and chat. No matter what time someone contacts your office, they will be greeted by a Nexa receptionist trained in the specific business vertical. Following a customized script, Nexa Receptionists routes calls, takes messages and books appointments to your calendar via direct integration with tools you already use. The Nexa team is trained to quickly convert qualified leads to confirmed appointments in English and Spanish.  

While Nexa Receptionists is responding to leads, CallRail tracks where the leads are coming from, what impacted their buyer journey and transcribes all interactions into one timeline. CallRail uses AI to tracks conversational keywords and flags when there could be a customer concern. This helps identify training opportunities and remove any barriers to positive customer experiences. CallRail removes the hard work of lead management by delivering call quality scoring, transcripts and thematic reporting per conversation. With the combination of CallRail and Nexa, you will save money by only investing in high return-on-investment campaigns, where every lead generated turns into a call answered.

Get on track with a Nexa Receptionists & CallRail integration

Once you have a Nexa phone number, integrating the platforms is easy.  As long as you enter the Nexa phone number within your CallRail call flow set up, your calls will transfer to a Nexa Receptionist.  If you only want to use a Nexa Receptionist for certain instances or times of day, you can easily customize that within CallRail.

Keep track of calls without keeping track of the time while Nexa Receptionists manage your lines. As a Nexa customer, get 20% off when you sign up for CallRail today. Contact Nexa Receptionists at 800-756-3080 or schedule an appointment online to learn more about how Nexa increases prospective client conversion rates by over 25%.


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