Human-Powered Live Chat & Text Services vs. Customer Service Chatbot: Which is Right for Your Business?

Some companies choose an AI customer service chatbot while others opt for live chat, but which makes the most sense for your business?

Human-Powered Live Chat & Text Services vs. Customer Service Chatbot

The modern customer wants great experiences with brands. And a part of this great experience is receiving quick responses to their questions. Many businesses are turning to online chat and text messaging to meet that need.  Some companies choose an AI live chat service (chatbot), while others opt for live chat, but which makes the most sense?   Live chat and text messaging is a software tool businesses use to communicate with their website visitors in real-time. You can think of it as a digital customer service desk. Unlike a chatbot, a text and live chat service uses humans to interact with customers.  In this article we'll explore the differences between a website chat service and AI chat tools.

Why Do Customers Like Live Chat and Text Messaging?

Have you ever waited on hold for over an hour just to speak to a representative? Or how about trying to explain a problem to an automated system?  The frustration that arises in these instances is enough to make anyone desire real-time human interactions. Live chat customer and text service resolves both by enabling you to speak to a person right away about your questions and concerns.  This is likely why live chat is the second-highest rated method of communication (out of all possible types) when it comes to customer satisfaction. Roughly 85 percent of customers choose live chat over email support, help center articles and social media support.  This is right behind phone support at 91 percent. But, 79 percent of consumers say they prefer live chat and text messaging because they don't like waiting on hold. Your customers desire a speedy response from customer support and this is one way to ensure they get it.  But this isn't the only advantage it offers. 

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What Are the Benefits of Live Chat and Text?

One of the top benefits of offering a live chat support service is that it improves speed. Not only do customers get to speak with a rep within minutes (or even seconds). It also speeds up the time to resolution.  Since online chat services are managed by people, customers are able to have complex questions and problems resolved quickly. Chatbots are limited to the answers they're programmed with, and customers can become frustrated because of the limitations and then have to be routed to a live human for escalation. This isn’t just annoying to your customers—it’s incredibly inefficient, and a waste of time and resources. Live chat and text avoid all of this by routing customers to a person from the start.

Plus, live text and chat support services are conversational, making engagements with your business more meaningful. You can also consider adding tools like video chat and co-browsing to add interactivity and better support.  Humans understand different situations and how to best approach them. Empathy goes a long way, especially when a customer is in a dire situation. Take for example a mother with an infant contacting support about a broken HVAC system. It's 100 degrees outside and her baby needs a nap. A human will empathize with her situation and try harder to get the problem resolved quickly.

Or, if needed, escalate the chat to a phone call with a human representative. That human connection helps the customer feel appreciated and supported, and builds a connection with them.  With a human running the chat and text messaging, the transition from chat to phone is smooth and problems are taken care of fast. In the end, you're able to give your customers a great overall customer service experience. And with that, you can improve customer satisfaction and retention, promote positive reviews, and even receive more referrals.  

What Are the Benefits of An AI-Powered Live Chat Service?

Customer service chatbots are growing in popularity because of the automation they offer. The savings also appeal to businesses looking to reduce costs. This is likely why 80 percent of businesses are now considering using AI Chat.  There are multiple reasons why AI chat is attractive to business owners and decision-makers. One of the top reasons is availability. Chatbots work around the clock and calendar without you having to pay a salary (or benefits).  They're also scalable, enabling you to communicate with a sudden influx of customers at a moment's notice. And because they do exactly what you program them to do/say, there's little room for error. But you can get all these features with the added benefit of a human touch with a people-powered live chat service, too.

Why Do Customers Prefer Human Chat and Text Messaging?

So how do consumers feel about live chat and AI chat? When given a choice, it seems people prefer to talk to people over a customer service chatbot. But what drives their decision towards live chat and text? Here's a look at some of the reasons why they choose human chat:

  • Questions are answered right away
  • It allows multitasking 
  • It's the most efficient way to communicate
  • They see how well they work
  • It's more informative than email
  • They don't like talking on the phone
  • They're in control of the conversation
  • They can chat while working
  • Offers better information than automated chatbots

Live chat services are more conversational and human, making the engagement feel more natural. 

How to Implement Human-Powered Live Chat & Text into Your Business

Interested in adding a personal touch to your customer interactions? Then finding the right live chat service provider is key.  At Nexa, we have live agents (yes, real people) chatting and texting with your customers. Our experts will field questions and concerns to better resolve their problems. And they'll connect with them, acting as a representative for your company.  By offering prompt and accurate service, we're helping businesses like yours convert more leads and build better customer relationships.  When you partner with Nexa, you free up your time to focus on building your business. So if you're serious about improving your customer experience and retention, using real humans is the best solution.

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