Do You Need an Answering Service For Your Real Estate Firm?

Your real estate firm needs to ensure that you’re providing excellent service, but how? A real estate answering service like Nexa is the solution.

Real estate is a constantly fluctuating industry. Your real estate firm needs to ensure that you’re providing excellent customer service, all of the time. How can you make sure that happens?Consider outsourcing your calls and administrative tasks to an answering service for your real estate firm. Virtual receptionists like NexaProfessional are ready to help your real estate firm thrive. Here are a few of the benefits our virtual receptionists offer!

Call Answering

An obvious and instant benefit of a virtual receptionist is their call answering skills. As a real estate agent, you’re working hard, showing houses, doing research, and meeting with clients. You don’t have time to constantly answer calls, but you need those calls handled well, especially when your potential callers are future leads.NexaProfessional virtual receptionists ensure your callers always reach a live voice, instead of a phone tree or voice mail. 80% of callers won’t leave a message because they assume no one will listen to it. Can you afford to lose 80% of your potential clients? Virtual receptionists are also able to give your callers directions and information about whatever you need, like open house hours.

Forwarding and Messaging

If we’re being honest, not every call has the same level of urgency. A casual chat with an associate is not as important as a lead, or even an emergency regarding a house you’re showing. Some calls need urgent replies.We can help!NexaProfessional virtual receptionists can determine if a call needs to be escalated, and they can make it happen. They can forward calls to your cell or to another office line.Another great feature of NexaProfessional virtual receptionists is their ability to message clients for you. Depending on your preference, Nexa offers SMS, web chat, or email. This way, time-sensitive or business critical calls can be forwarded to your text if you’re unable to take the forwarded call.Did you decide to run an open house for this upcoming weekend? Shoot a quick email to, and they can update the listing and notify any prospective leads which might be interested.

Appointment Scheduling

As a real estate agent, your schedule revolves around appointments. NexaProfessional virtual receptionists can book, confirm, and collect contact information.If you are in the field most of the day, you can lose lots of leads. With a virtual receptionist, you will capture every single lead that comes in, no matter where you are physically.Clients will be more likely to stick with you after getting a live voice response, instead of moving onto the next listing. You can have NexaProfessional virtual receptionists set up appointments or forward additional info to your potential clients with absolutely no time taken out of your schedule. Move potential clients along in your pipeline by giving them more detailed information than they will get from an online listing.Our receptionists are trained to integrate with hundreds of leading business CRMs. In addition, we offer our scheduling software, which can integrate with your email or Google calendar. We know it often falls on real estate agents to keep their team and their clients on the same page. Let us make it easier!

24/7/365 Call Answering

When you’re working as a realtor, you’re constantly working. Networking, finding new leads, doing research, and show houses on your clients’ time are just part of a typical day. If you’re not careful, you’re going to end up working around the clock. This can lead to minimized productivity at best, and burnout at worst.Let NexaProfessional handle it. Our team of receptionist work 24/7/365 to ensure your callers always reach a knowledgable live voice. Let Nexa support your business while you focus on what’s important to you.

Get Started With a Virtual Receptionist For Your Real Estate Firm

A virtual receptionist/answering service for your real estate firm is a great way to make sure that you are spending your precious time and energy on the important stuff—drumming up hot leads and closing deals.With a virtual receptionist, you will have a valuable partner that will keep your calendar full and your message inbox up-to-date.Want to learn more about how you can use an answering service for your real estate firm? Email us at or check out more benefits of a real estate virtual receptionist.

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