Improving Patient Satisfaction Starts Before An Appointment Begins

The patient experience starts with pre-registration processes. Get prepared with a virtual receptionist. Nexa Healthcare: 800-756-3080.

Get to know the scheduling needs of healthcare consumers

The patient experience starts with pre-registration. Therefore, making a positive first impression is crucial to patient retention and satisfaction. Closing gaps in the pre-registration process and bettering communication with patients overall can also improve provider experience and staff retention.

Here are three tips to improve scheduling in your healthcare facility and how hiring a call answering service like Nexa Healthcare can help your practice to remain competitive.

Establish a seamless pre-registration process

When a patient contacts your office to book an appointment, they seek a smooth interaction. When facilities experience staffing shortages and other resource constraints, the intake process may not be as efficient and smooth as it could be. Coverage gaps can mean calls go unanswered and potential patients find other providers.

Facilities should look to ways to ensure the patient experience is not overly complicated. One way to improve the patient experiences by streamlining the pre-registration process.Providers may ensure that accurate information is relayed in a timely manner by hiring virtual receptionist. Virtual receptionists can minimize administrative errors and reduce the workload on your team, especially when you are experiencing staffing issues. Virtual receptionists are one way to maintain greater control over administrative errors and scheduling setbacks.

Offer flexible scheduling options with a virtual receptionist

Virtual receptionists also offer patients flexibility in scheduling. Utilizing 24/7 phone services via live chat, text, or phone, for patients to book appointments gives providers a competitive edge in a market that values convenience. In fact, a 2019 study between Adobe and Econsultancy found that healthcare consumers expect “fast, convenient, and online” services. If another provider can offer timelier appointments, virtual scheduling, and video appointments, they would switch providers. [2]Valuing your patient’s time and improving the patient experience can start with expanding scheduling options and tools.

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Go virtual to account for labor shortages  

As mentioned previously, virtual receptionists close the gap labor shortages expose. These labor shortages are predicted to increase, and medical providers should establish processes to prepare. A 2019 McKinsey &Company survey found that, by 2025, there will be an estimated shortage of 200,000 to 450,000 nurses.[3] With a call service, you are hiring another team to takecontrol of scheduling and communication. Outsourcing administrative tasks can greatly streamline the process and reduce internal delays when faced with staff shortages. In addition, communication is not limited to business hours.

Nexa Healthcare: A call answering service connecting providers and patients

Our virtual receptionists offer 24/7 booking services. We can manage your scheduling, relay information via database integration and close coverage gaps. In addition, we meet your customers where they are at. With the option to book appointments via text, chat or phone, you can put your company at a competitive advantage. Addressing coverage issues and improving patient satisfaction can be as simple as hiring a call answering service.

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