Extinguishing Provider Burnout In 2023 (Infographic)

Is there a way to put out burnout in healthcare? Get tips from Alert Communications, a top answering service.

Fast Facts About Burnout In Healthcare:

·       In 2022, the U.S. Surgeon General released an advisory regarding burnout in the medical field, describing it as an “occupational syndrome” that manifests in physical exhaustion, depersonalization and a diminished sense of work achievements.1

·       Around three out of five physicians reported burnout during the COVID-19 pandemic, a record high.2

·       One out of every five physicians plans to discontinue or leave their practice within two years, with one in three cutting their hours.3

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4 Ways Your Medical Office Can Address Burnout Now

Balance workloads

Work-related stress can manifest into physical and mental illness. Explore resources to offload less-critical duties such as scheduling software or virtual receptionists. What tasks can be automated, standardized and outsourced?

Streamline communication

A disconnect between patients, providers and staff can increase the chances of error and frustration. Consider expanding communication with text, chat and call services to book appointments and relay messages.

Foster safe environments

Physical and emotional safety are important to minimizing burnout. Seek out team-building activities, such as group walks, exercises or yoga. Create an open-door policy where employees can raise concerns or suggestions.

Utilize digital toolkits

Consider utilizing online toolkits and training developed by leading medical associations to assess and manage provider burnout and stress. Medical toolkits tailored for provider burnout include STEPS Forward and Organizational Biopsy, both created by the American Medical Association.3  

Our Virtual Receptionists Are On Call And Standing By

Streamline communication and address headaches caused by staff shortages by hiring a virtual answering service. Our bilingual medical receptionists can book appointments, take messages and escalate emergencies via call, text or chat. We integrate directly with your existing software. Take one step towards reducing stress by outsourcing call answering.  Call 800-756-3080 to discuss how our call-answering services can help your business or contact us online.

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