A Guide to Outsourced Appointment Setting Services

Wondering how to ensure quality customer service from that first touch point? Read on to learn how outsourced appointment setting services can help

Making an appointment to tap your unique service offerings should be as seamless and simple as saying “hello” for both your potential customer and your business’s staff. So how do you ensure quality customer service from that first touch point and support your team to do what they do best for your business?  

Enter outsourced appointment setting services.

This article will guide you through the in’s and out’s of outsourced appointment setting services and how this resource can help your business to grow your revenue, increase your client retention, and generally streamline your appointment scheduling process.

How Exactly Do Outsourced Appointment Setting Services Work?

Every company that offers outsourced appointment setting services has slight differences in what exactly they offer. But they all have the same basic idea—helping you prioritize your workflow by taking the appointment-setting work off your plate. 

Most outsourced appointment setting services will include:

  • Fill your schedule and integrate with your CRM – In short, when a client makes an appointment request online, over live chat, via email, or on the phone, your outsourced team follows through to make that qualified appointment happen. This can mean sending a confirmation to the client, adding to your business’s calendar, and updating your internal CRM systems with the client information. 
  • Confirm appointments and send reminders – Confirmations and kind reminders of upcoming appointments keep your calendar full and ensure your clients arrive at their set appointments. 
  • Keep you informed on rescheduled appointments and new client appointments – Even though another team will do the heavy lifting of appointment setting and CRM management, you’ll still have your finger on the pulse of your client flow. 

Benefits of an Outsourced Appointment Setting Service

Outsourcing appointment setting services can make an immense impact on your business. 

Outsourcing appointment setting services can help you by:

  • Saving time for more business opportunities – When a dedicated team handles appointment management, your team’s bandwidth significantly expands. Your staff can focus on supporting the business through their unique roles and responsibilities instead of becoming sidetracked by managing a calendar or appointment correspondence.

  • Improving lead filtration – In the world of business, some leads or prospects offer more value than others. Equipping your outsourced team with a quick new client questionnaire can help identify high quality leads with the most profit potential and help set your internal team up for conversion success.

  • Putting customer experience in the hands of experts – Outsourced appointment setting services are equipped with extensive customer service skills. Instead of setting aside valuable hours and resources to extensively train your staff in customer service, you can leave it to a thoroughly trained outsourced team of appointment setters. 

Which Businesses Would Benefit From Outsourced Appointment Setting Services?

Outsourced appointment setting services would help streamline the workflow of businesses in the following industries:

  • Healthcare – Many large healthcare institutions like hospitals have been using outsourced appointment setting services successfully for quite a while. A small business like some clinics with limited staff may be able to reap exponential advantages from this service. When they don’t have to pay for additional personnel or training for appointment setting, small healthcare businesses can significantly optimize their budgets and workforce.  
  • Food and Hospitality – In the digital era, many diners start their hospitality experience online. Providing outsourced appointment setting services through a digital portal can create a seamless reservation-making experience for customers and may ultimately bring more customers into the business. Additionally, it helps free up staff to prioritize workflow and guest experience.
  • Legal offices – Since even half an hour of a lawyer’s time is worth quite a bit of money, missing appointments can be very frustrating for both clients and legal professionals. Outsourced appointment setting services can do away with this problem by sending appointment reminders and drastically decreasing the number of no-shows.
  • Schools and universities – Most students, teachers, and professors have a lot on their calendar, meaning that they’re even less likely to make time to schedule appointments during the day. An outsourced appointment setting service can be available to students and educators during and after school hours for more ease of use. 
  • Spas and salons – When the whole experience of a business is meant to be relaxing and rejuvenating, it makes sense to streamline the appointment-setting process with an outsourced appointment setting service. 
  • Really any business that has client or customer appointments – Whether your business certifies skydivers or selects paint colors for home remodels, streamlining the appointment making process frees up the time to focus on what you (and your clients) enjoy most about your business.

Start Outsourcing Your Appointments With Nexa

When a client wants to make an appointment with your business, it’s an opportunity to show the care you put into every stage of the customer experience. By working with an outsourcing team like a real estate appointment setter, if you're in the real estate industry, you can invest your time in the services you provide while supporting your customer’s needs every step of the way. 

It’s time for a business world of maximum efficiency with the busywork so that you get to focus on the real business work.

If you’re ready for a streamlined appointment system that allows you to save company time and reduce client no-shows, then it’s time to try Nexa.


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