How A Call Center In Spanish Can Expand Your Clientele

Access a new client base by taking advantage of call center in Spanish. Read on and learn how Spanish call centers can help your business grow

Although language is one of humanity’s greatest unifiers, it can also be a major barrier to communication. In business, this can pose a problem for your ability to operate clearly and efficiently on behalf of clients and customers who speak something other than English.

If you’re considering the benefits of utilizing a call center in Spanish, you’re on the right track—after all, it’s the second most-spoken language in the world and can expand your business’s horizons into entirely new markets. 

Read on to find out how you can reach new customers, expand into uncharted markets, and foster customer satisfaction, all while saving precious time and money.

Spanish Call Centers Allow You To Reach More Customers Than Ever Before

The goal of any business is to grow. To do so, it must do its best to keep existing relationships healthy while being constantly on the lookout for ways to expand its customer base.

If your business typically deals with English-speaking clientele, a call center capable of coordinating with a Spanish speaker might seem like an unnecessary expense. 

The truth is, however, that America’s present and future is increasingly multiethnic and multilingual. 

Don’t believe us? Here are some numbers to keep in mind:

  • Spoken by around 43 million, Spanish is the second-most common language in the United States behind English.
  • The current number of Hispanic or Latino people in the U.S. is estimated to be around 62,080,044.
  • In a 2014 report, the U.S. Census Bureau projected that in 2060 the population of Americans of Hispanic or Latino origin would reach 119,044,000, making up around 28.6% of the population.
  • In its 2019 American Community Survey, the Census Bureau found that of the nearly 40 million Americans who speak Spanish at home, around 15.6 million reported less-than-fluent English speaking capabilities.

Census data and projections paint a clear picture of a country undergoing significant demographic and linguistic change. As a business, planning ahead can be difficult, but it’s important to operate with a sense of what the future might bring.

No matter what vertical you operate in, your business can stand to benefit from a dedicated Spanish speaking call center. To communicate effectively with English speakers and Spanish speaking callers alike presents an opportunity to reach a larger and more diverse customer base, thereby expanding your reach into new markets with the possibility of growing your business.

Allow Your Business to Branch Out Into New Markets

Regardless of what kind of business you run, utilizing a call center in Spanish can be a strategic way to grow while providing optimal customer service to all of your clients and customers, regardless of language.

Let’s explore the possibilities with a few hypothetical case studies.

Case Study #1: Retail Expansion

Let’s say you manage a brick and mortar retail brand looking to expand e-commerce capabilities.

The key to any retail operation is top-notch customer service. In e-commerce, this means being available to field inquiries about returns, exchanges, and any shipping issues that may arise from customers regardless of their background or geographic location. 

If you plan to sell to an international audience, a Spanish-speaking call center could be a great way to serve customers from around the globe. If your operation is more local, you can still position yourself to reach the growing population of Spanish speaking clients here in the United States.

Case Study #2: Offering Services in a New Location

Imagine you operate a growing dental practice looking into the possibility of opening a new office in a new region. In this scenario, it’s important to consider the desire to open a dental practice in a Spanish speaking community by first assessing how your potential customers will best be served by your business. If you plan on gaining the trust of a new clientele, it’s important to show them that you’re willing to meet halfway by offering bilingual answering service options.

The use of a Spanish call center service or virtual receptionist in Spanish could help you offer the following customer service options:

  • Patient intake to streamline the process for new and existing clients
  • Live chat to answer inquiries on your website
  • Text messaging to confirm scheduling and reduce costly no shows by 38%

Case Study #3: Enhanced Communication with New Clientele

Finally, let’s think about what a call center dedicated to Spanish customers could offer a team of workplace injury lawyers. 

Legal issues require excellent communication between lawyers and their clients on topics that can be incredibly complicated, time consuming, and even difficult to discuss. Needless to say, coordinating an effective legal strategy can be exceedingly tough without a language barrier in place. 

Having a Spanish call center to provide updates, field inquiries, and direct the calls of your Spanish speaking clients could greatly improve your legal strategy while offering clients the best possible opportunity for success. 

Additionally, Hispanic Americans make up a large proportion of some the labor force’s most dangerous occupations:

  • Fishing, farming, and forestry – 43%
  • Transportation – 23.9%
  • Construction – 35.7%

By offering both English and Spanish customer service options, your practice will better serve the legal needs of a community overrepresented in jobs that have a high rate of workplace injuries and deaths.

While these scenarios are undoubtedly specific, they should give you a better idea of the benefits of utilizing a Spanish call center to the benefit of your business and its clientele. 

Increase Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

It might seem obvious that good customer service leads to better loyalty and overall satisfaction with a brand’s products and services. So obvious, in fact, you could even doubt the correlation altogether. 

Where the truth becomes uncertain, however, we always look to statistics.

According to its 2017 State of Global Customer Service Report, Microsoft found that 96% of respondents named customer service as an important factor in their loyalty to and choice of a particular brand. 

To translate, customer service isn’t just a way to streamline your day-to-day business, but a means of making and retaining loyal and satisfied customers.

You could be the best at what you do, offering quality goods and services at a fair and competitive price for your industry. But if you’re customer service is lackluster, if your clients are constantly struggling to reach you, if you don’t have the capacity to field inquiries and fulfill orders at a satisfactory rate, well, your customers will inevitably take their business elsewhere.

That being said, quality customer service can be simple if you hire someone else to handle it for you. 

Multilingual call center services options are a great way to expand your clientele while maintaining existing relationships and boosting loyalty all around. By showing your clients that you care about communicating clearly, even if that means crossing the language barrier to do so, you show them you care about their needs in general. In business, this kind of service can go a long way toward improving growth in a sustainable, effective way.

Save Precious Time and Money

Although variable across industries and dependent on the specific need of each client, customer service calls can be both time-consuming and difficult for all parties involved. When this occurs, it can be difficult to provide reasonable wait times for customers waiting on the line or for a callback, leading to frustration and increasing the chance that your business will be seen in a negative light.

When language becomes a detriment to clear communication, employing a call center dedicated to Spanish speakers can make life easier for your team as well as your customers who expect timely and personalized solutions for their particular needs.

Additionally, you might find yourself spending excess money on multilingual marketing materials that seek to answer questions and provide information better suited to the immediacy and clarity a bilingual answering service or call center can offer. Because business is both about making and saving money, why not do both with the aid of a Spanish language customer service option?

By spending more energy on improving direct communication with clients and customers, you clear up time and funds to coordinate new business strategies, improve offerings, and optimize products and services to meet the current moment.

24/7 Support With Nexa

However you spin it, a call center in Spanish is a great way to grow your business, sustain existing customers, and expand into new markets, all while sustaining your bottom line.

At Nexa, we understand the value of customer service as your frontline strategy for communication. For clients across such industries as healthcare, legal, real estate, and retail, we offer proven customer service options catered to an increasingly virtual world. These include:

  • Call centers
  • Live people-powered messaging
  • Virtual receptionists
  • Streamlined patient intake
  • Live chat for your company website

As you position your business to sustain success for the foreseeable future, outsourcing your customer service strategy is an excellent way to make room for new clients without interrupting your relationships with the old.

By focusing your efforts on a multilingual approach to customer service, you not only respond to the shift toward a more diverse demographic but also address a question that should be at the forefront of every business decision you make: “How do I better serve the needs of each and every one of my customers?”


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