How a Real Estate Appointment Setter Can Help Your Business

Working with a real estate appointment setter can help ensure that every client has the time to receive proper, personalized care. Read on to learn more

As a real estate agency, it can be challenging to ensure that every client has the time to receive proper, personalized care. With administrative paperwork, showings, inspections, and appraisals to consider, there’s practically an entire neighborhood of logistics floating around your workplace. 

A real estate appointment setter could be the helpful nextdoor neighbor you’ve been searching for. 

Backed with industry knowledge, digital tools, and ample time to dedicate to your company, working with outsourced appointment setting services can make a remarkable difference—perhaps in ways you haven’t even considered. 

In this article, we’ll break down how a real estate appointment setter could help close the door on workflow hindrances, providing support and relief for your agency’s most important assets. 

Booking and Scheduling Support

Regardless of how hot or how cold the housing market is, reliable real estate agents or real estate professionals ensure they’re at every single appointment on time. After all, a missed meeting could mean a missed sale.

With a virtual real estate appointment setter, you can pass off the responsibility of managing those meetings to someone else. Keep your workdays booked and busy without being chained to the phone. 

Qualification Calls

Qualifying leads is known to boost business when done concisely. Rely on a sales appointment setting agent trained in real estate and customer relations to vet leads as they come in.

Benefits of having a consistent qualifier may include:

  • Higher rates of interest surrounding properties
  • Increased chances of closing a deal
  • Targeted focus on serious clientele

Every meeting matters, so take comfort in the fact that the logistics are in capable hands, leaving you to focus on the properties at hand.

24/7 Phone Coverage

The needs of clients often extend far beyond a floor plan. That’s why an ideal appointment setter will have availability 24/7/365 to monitor phone calls and answer questions. 

Open availability creates ample time for inquiries to flood in. Any moment spent conversing with a potential client is time well spent. 

Plus, when the housing market fluctuates, your business could start booming unexpectedly. Using 24/7 customer support, you can fight against work overflow by implementing: 

  • Live chat – Talk in real-time with customers and prospective clients through your very own website. Guide them through web pages, secure contact information, and intercept their questions before they step foot in your office. 
  • Live texting – Supply your existing and potential customers with user-friendly means of communication by opting for live text messaging. Accessible from anywhere, your clients have a quick and convenient way of traversing the world of real estate. 

Real estate is all about providing comfort to people by finding them a home. Round-the-clock, accessible customer care can help your company go that extra mile.

Easy CRM Integration

Streamline your appointment scheduling by connecting your appointment setter to your current Customer Relationship Management (CRM). By placing all company and customer data in one location, you can rest easy in knowing that your calendar is:

  • Up-to-date
  • Accurate
  • Detailed
  • Consistent

By connecting your appointment setting specialist with familiar company tools, you can facilitate a smooth transition into an expedited scheduling system. 

Analytics for Growth

As a result of productive phone calls, consistent customer service, and streamlined scheduling software, you may begin to experience improvements in the day-to-day flow of your real estate agency. 

In fact, you can see them with your own eyes. 

Thanks to data given by your appointment setter, you can also gain access to analytics and detailed reports. Managed in real-time, this data is readily accessible on a mobile device or through an online portal. 

In-depth data can result in meaningful company growth. Some suggested metrics to take note of include: 

  • Appointment conversion – Keep track of your company’s appointments and how many listings they generate. This data is crucial to determining how to best execute your company's goals.
  • Number of listings – Follow the stages of your listings in real-time. From the initial consultation to final sales, you can have access to live data so you can make sure everything is running smoothly.
  • Operating expenses – Expenses happen. However, with detailed reports on your side, you have the final say about which operating costs you can live without. Trim the excess expenses and get to the root of your clients’ needs. 

Keep an eye on the metrics that matter. Turning statistics into strategy has never been easier. 

Satisfy Your Scheduling Needs with Nexa

Any real estate agent knows how important it is to strike a balance between time management and customer care. 

Here at Nexa, we bring that balance to you. 

Specializing in omnichannel communication, customer service, and 24/7 availability, we’re dedicated to taking the pressure off you, so you can focus on making your company thrive. 

Learn more about our team of virtual assistants, inbound and outbound sales methods, and other affordable services designed to boost your business and optimize workflow. For next-level service, choose Nexa. 


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