How Can A Virtual Receptionist Help Your Business This Holiday Season?

Hiring a virtual receptionist to help during the holiday season is a smart move for business owners who need a little extra support.

The holidays are ramping up! Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean rest and relaxation for small business owners. “You might want to take a vacation until the New Year,” says Influencive, “but forward-thinking entrepreneurs can do no such thing.”You need to make sure all your business bases are covered during the holidays. For many, that means outsourcing important but time-consuming tasks to virtual labor.

Hire a virtual receptionist for the holiday

A virtual receptionist service takes the place of a traditional receptionist as an extension of your business….they transform your customer experience into something noteworthy. They add value to your business by saving your time and money, and give your customers a VIP experience.”How exactly can one service do all that? Here are 3 ways that a virtual receptionist can help you this holiday season.

Enjoy a 24/7/365 connection

You work hard as a small business owner, but there’s a point where you absolutely have to take a break. The holidays are the perfect time to do just that! However, your clients can’t wait. Your business doesn’t stop, even though you certainly need to. A virtual receptionist doesn’t need time off, vacation pay, or shortened holiday hours. Even better, a virtual receptionist is 1/10th the cost of an in-house receptionist! “We

Emergencies don’t stop at the holidays

Everyone wants their holidays to go perfectly, but there’s always a chance that something goes wrong fast for one of your customers. You need to be prepared for difficult scenarios at all times. However, you’re still busy with the everyday responsibilities of running your business! And even the longest of hours can’t always guarantee you’ll be available when your customers need you. A virtual receptionist solves this problem. If you find a service that covers holidays, overnight emergencies become a non-issue. This is especially helpful for individuals in high-pressure industries, like medical and legal professionals. Your clients can’t wait, and if they can’t reach you, they’ll move onto your competition. ‘The majority (66%) of adults feel that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do,” reports Forrester. Show your customers that you value them with the assurance of a virtual receptionist.

Reconnect and avoid burnout

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you’re dealing with an incredible amount of stress. We’ve shared before that entrepreneurs are twice as likely to suffer from depression, and a huge part of that comes from isolation and overwork.The holidays are a crucial time to reconnect with loved ones. If you don’t celebrate, the end of the year is still an excellent time to reflect on what’s important to you. Avoid the all too common 80 hour work week and reassign important but draining tasks like answering the phone to outsourced professionals. Influencive says that “Prolonged exposure to chronic stress can lead to memory loss, anxiety, irritability, substance abuse, social withdrawal, weight gain, insomnia, and suicidal thoughts. That’s heavy stuff.”Reconnect this holiday season while resting easy, knowing your clients are well taken care of by a virtual receptionist.

Bring new value to your business this holiday season with a virtual receptionist

This time of year brings high levels of stress as well as celebration. The good news is that a lot of potential problems can be solved by utilizing a virtual receptionist service. We’ve reported, “Having a virtual receptionist on the other end helps your clients know you are dedicated to providing them with top-notch service, with appointment scheduling 24/7, all calls answered live, and customized greetings tailored for your business will make a world of difference to clients.” Enjoy the holidays, look ahead to the New Year, and let a virtual receptionist bring value to your business.


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