How Customer Experience Can Build Better Connections With Your Customers

Is customer experience building strong connections with your customers?If not, you’re certainly missing out on sales – and increasing the risk that they move to one of your competitors.So, how do you connect with your customers? How do you make your company one that your customers feel like they can talk to and interact with, and also be understood?Well today, we have some underused and underestimated strategies for doing just that.Here’s how you can make better connections with your customers:

Create an Amazing First Impression

The connection starts from the moment your customers contact you. This may be through your receptionist or through a customer service agent.Either way, it’s imperative to make a great first impression on that call, and really on all calls afterwards (hence they should be a real life, actual person answering the phone – and not a robot!).Your receptionist and/or customer service people should be trained on exactly how to make that great first impression. They should know how to:

  • Ask the right questions, so they can get to the customer’s problem as quickly as possible.
  • Provide a personal touch by smiling while speaking and using customers’ names, as well as a warm, friendly tone.
  • Stay positive in tough situations so they can deal with every customer and solve problems on the fly.

Content Marketing

A great content marketing strategy is another way to connect with your customers.Through blogging, you can answer frequently asked questions, provide solutions to common problems, get in front of more potential customers, and show your current customers that you care.You aren’t just another company who hard sells them at every touch, or sends boring “company update” newsletters. You’re actually trying to add value on a consistent basis.Your customers will appreciate this and it will help set you apart – especially if the content is well written and consistent.

Email Marketing

All or most of your customers are probably on your email list (if not, then this is something you need to work on!). Email marketing offers a great opportunity to connect and build trust with your customers.From the moment they become a customer, you can send them an autoresponder to “indoctrinate” them to your company, and show them how you can help solve their problems. Then, you can periodically (once a week or a few times a month) provide great value by sending educational emails, customer stories, and more.With good email marketing, you can stay at the front of your customer’s mind, and let them know that you’re always there to help if they need it.

Use Live Video

With Facebook Live, Periscope, and other live video platforms, you have tons of opportunities to connect with your customers.Live video is great because it allows you to interact with customers on the spot. You can answer their questions in real-time and also show a different side of your business.Perhaps you take them behind-the-scenes and show them one of your business processes, or you announce an awesome promotion they can take part in.For example, GE used drones equipped with Periscope to give guided tours of their remote facilities during #droneweek.

Use Snapchat!

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with your customers. And one of the best platforms for connecting with your customers (and this may surprise you) is Snapchat!With Snapchat, you can give your customers a behind-the-scenes look at your business, answer questions, host Q&As, host contests, announce promotions, and much more.Through your Snapchat story, you can connect with your customers on a deeper level than any other platform.For some great examples of how to do this, check out the following brands who are crushing it on Snapchat and connecting with their customers:

  • Amazon (username: amazon)
  • The New York Times (username: thenytimes)
  • Birchbox (username: birchbox)
  • Shopify (username: shopify)

***Use these strategies to connect with your customers and make them feel like they have a voice when it comes to dealing with you. Be the company that provides a personal touch – and your customers will stick around for a long time.What are some other ways you’ve used to connect with your customers? Let us know in the comments below!


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