How Healthcare Providers Can Use Call Analytics To Improve The Patient Experience

Healthcare providers can use call analytics to improve the patient experience. Here’s how.

Proper data evaluation can improve patient experience

Every time a patient reaches out to your office, you have an opportunity to gather critical data that can be analyzed and used to strengthen your organizational processes. Countless healthcare companies rely on tools or call-answering services to gather this data on their behalf which has greatly expanded access to such information within the field. However, once that data is gathered, healthcare providers can have trouble in using that data to make meaningful process changes.

Below is a brief overview of the types of data that can be collected and how healthcare providers can make data-informed decisions related to patient communication.  

What types of call data are physicians using to improve the patient experience?

At Nexa Healthcare, our tools and team collect, report and measure performance metrics while making inbound and outbound calls. If you do not have an existing call answering service or tool to track your call data, you are missing out on opportunities to better your patients’ experiences. Call data points that can be useful when tracking a patient’s experience include:  

·       Hold times

·       Call volume

·       Call duration

·       Call times

·       Caller demographics

Most of these data points are known as descriptive analytics. These are data points that provide a picture of something that occurred in the past but can be used to make predict behaviors in the future. [1]

Gathering the right types of data is critical to understanding your patients, their needs, and where your organization may need to adjust to meet those needs.

Providers can utilize call answering service analytics to set goals and track performance

One way to maintain control over the patient experience is by setting quantitative goals related to call operations. You can use call data to set and measure key performance indicators and optimize existing processes.

If your organization’s goal is to improve the patient experience, you will need to identify data points to track to measure success. One such quantitative benchmark could be related to hold times. For example, if a provider identifies that callers wait several minutes to speak with a person, they can infer that the patient’s experience was negatively impacted. For many call answering services, like Nexa Healthcare, we integrate this data like hold times with your existing technology which is updated in real-time so you can address setbacks quickly.

Once you have established benchmarks, you can identify opportunities for improvement in the patient experience. For example, if your patients are experiencing long hold times, you may be facing a high call volume and not enough staff members to answer the phone. After viewing this data, you can adjust either by reallocating resources, hiring a full-time receptionist, or working with a virtual call center.

Hire a healthcare virtual receptionist to gather data on your behalf

We offer a medical answering service with receptionists standing by 24/7/365 to assist with patient intake. With integration into your existing systems, you can access all of the call data right at the touch of a button. Our team can escalate and prioritize calls and provide on-call dispatch on the phone. No matter what time your patients reach out, we can capture every lead and maximize opportunities to engage. Working with a virtual call answering service can ensure you are gathering the data you need to make meaningful process changes.

Contact Nexa Healthcare to learn more about our virtual office and answering services

Our virtual receptionists are ready to assist your patients with scheduling appointments and connecting with their providers. To learn more about our answering center, please call 800-456-3080 or connect with us online.


  1. Business Tech Weekly. Data-Driven Decision Making: Using Data Analytics to underpin Business Decisions.

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