The Benefits of NexaMedical Dental Virtual Receptionists

As a dentist, you need to provide excellent care to your patient and create a comfortable environment.Do this with NexaMedical dental virtual receptionists.

Being a dentist is a difficult job. Not only are you dealing with complex medical problems all day; your patients are also most likely very reluctant to come in since 60% of people have anxiety about going to the dentist. As a dentist, your job is two-fold— you need to provide excellent care to your patients, but you also need to help create a comfortable environment. You need to make the customer experience as seamless and secure as possible.A great way to do this is with a virtual receptionist. Here are just a few of the ways NexaMedical dental virtual receptionists can help you run your practice efficiently.

Offer 24/7 Support

One of the most significant benefits of a virtual receptionist is their ability to answer your phones 24/7. Patients can’t always call during office hours, especially if they’re experiencing a medical problem. Virtual receptionists are able to offer your patients support around the clock.

Complete Appointment Scheduling

Another way virtual receptionists can help your practice is by scheduling appointments, especially after hours. NexaMedical virtual receptionists can take detailed messages, follow the procedure and script you provide, and schedule appointments directly into your scheduling software. Even the most dedicated in-house receptionist cannot work 24 hours a day. However, your answering service can. With a NexaMedical virtual receptionist, patients can make appointments at any time of day or night, or on the weekends. Since many people are not able to take care of making appointments during official business hours, this is a game-changer for busy potential patients.

Increase In-House Productivity

The assistance of a virtual receptionist as support staff frees up your in-house receptionist to take care of in-office patients and work on other tasks during the day. It also helps to ensure that you don’t have open space in your schedule due to unconfirmed appointments, so everyone on your team is working at peak productivity.


It can be tedious to conduct extensive follow-up with every patient that comes through your doors, but it’s crucial to creating an excellent customer experience.Use your virtual receptionist to follow up with patients their appointment.They can ask if the patient has any additional questions or if they were pleased with the service they received. You can even have them ask a few simple survey questions about your practice.This detailed feedback can be used to improve your overall quality of service or to follow up personally with specific patients in need.

Create an excellent experience with NexaMedical dental virtual receptionists

If you create an excellent customer experience for your clients, you’re going to see positive results. Dentists don’t need any more stress. Let NexaMedical work on call for you with our dental virtual receptionists. Still have questions? Contact our team of account executives at to get all questions answered. We offer a 21-day trial and never require a contract. Find out the different dental virtual receptionists can make for your practice.


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