7 Ways To Create An Improved Customer Experience In 2020

Many businesses fail to provide adequate customer service. Click here to read how you can ensure an improved customer experience!

How To Ensure Improved Customer Experience

Think about all the ways your business interacts with current and prospective buyers, online as well as offline.They visit your website, read your blog, interact with your social media pages and maybe even call the support lines once in a while. Now consider how you respond to new clients, the way you tweet at your audience and the events you run to entice them.All these episodes come together to form a customer experience that can be either memorable or horrible.96% of customers say customer service greatly influences their brand loyalty.Whether it’s retaining existing clients or converting prospects – the key to excellent customer experience is providing real-time customer support that ensures a good experience.Here’s how your business can guarantee the best customer experience:

Know Your Customers

It’s impossible to give your customers what they want without first knowing what they need.Your first step should be to research your customer base and develop marketing personas based on their wants and motivations. This will help you deliver a relevant marketing experience that taps into your customer’s journey with your brand.You must consistently meet your customer’s expectations with laser-like precision – 69% adults like to purchase from businesses that offer a consistent customer experience both on and offline.This can range from sending relevant, valuable information to their queries to the copy so that you can ensure a better customer experience.

Incorporate Customer Feedback Into Your Strategy

The best way to identify gaps in your customer service is to conduct a customer feedback survey to gauge your customer’s overall perception of your brand. By collecting real-time feedback on their pain points, you can assess your service quality and highlight negative experiences.However, 50% of shoppers believe their feedback is futile as no one acts on it.You must follow-up with customers on survey results and guarantee that their input is appreciated and that you are working to improve your services going forward.For more insightful feedback, have your call center or answering service provider make outbound calls to customers, and provide their input to your virtual receptionists to incorporate it into their scripts.

Reward Loyal Customers

It’s essential that your brand rewards loyal and engaged customers to assure them that they are valued and appreciated.Offering your customers incentives can increase their engagement as well as brand loyalty. In 2019, 75% of customers said they were more likely to make a repeat purchase after receiving incentives.Your customer experience strategy should include offering customers regular discounts, free products, or possibly, a private event that celebrates their relationship with you. You can also reward long term customers with exclusive access to new products and include them in brainstorming sessions for new releases. Old customers are experts on the customer side of your business, and their opinion will help you ensure a good customer experience.Think of creative ways to increase customer satisfaction and reassure them that you value their business.

Your Website Is Key To Your CX Strategy

For most customers, your website is your first contact with customers. Poor functioning website leads to customer frustration, and 90% of users say they only continue shopping because of a website’s great UX.Your website also needs to be optimized for mobile phones - 85% of adults think your website’s mobile version should be better than its desktop version. Thus, you can surmise the need for a website that is well-designed and offers value to your business users.Live chat can help users navigate your website and provide them with the information they require to make it to the end of your conversion funnel.

Great Customer Experience Goes Beyond Business Hours

It might be a little unfair for brands that are inundated with constant queries, but 90% of customers say receiving an immediate response to their questions is very important to their user experience.That expectation may be tough to live up to, especially during public and seasonal holidays like Christmas and Fourth of July when you and your staff look forward to a few days off.That’s where having a dependable answering service truly helps. This is especially important if you’re a medical client that requires specialized attention because emergencies don’t set appointments.Virtual receptionists always provide accurate information, are compassionate to customers, and professional.

A Customer-Centric Culture

The easiest way to streamline customer experience is to take a more holistic approach and encourage every employee to be a customer experience advocate.Successful companies develop a customer-centric culture. You can do this by outlining your vision in a statement to team members across the organization. Then, let this statement acts as a guide for interactions with customers.Moreover, you can train staff on delivering good customer service, so you can make a positive impact and augment the entire customer journey.

Customer Service Means Real People

What makes a great customer experience? It’s the personal relationships your business creates with your customers. It’s the emotional connection you inspire within your clients, who feel they are just as important to you as any other stakeholder of your business.So it doesn’t come as a surprise that chatbots and automated social media replies fail to make a lasting impact. They can mimic human conversation, but they can’t replace real people – and that’s what counts in the customer’s perception of your brand.We know that writing every customer a handwritten note isn’t exactly practical. Still, outbound calls that follow-up with customers’ queries can make an impact on them – so don’t be afraid to add that personal touch.

Augment Your Customer Experience With Nexa Receptionists

Customer experience matters – and the easiest way to reduce customer churn and extend the customer lifecycle is to incorporate a live answering service as one of your customer experience channels.A live answering service enables your business to attend to prospects and customers 24/7/365 - handling calls, scheduling, and emergency dispatch - so you never miss your next opportunity.We can help you exceed customer’s expectations by providing highly skilled receptionists that build customer trust and augment the overall experience.Nexa Support plans offer tailored scripts, follow-ups, and a desktop portal. Customers can be tricky, but rest assured, we’ve got your answering service needs covered.


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