Is Your Answering Service HIPAA Compliant? If Not, You're at Risk

Your practice is HIPAA compilant, but is your answering service? Make sure it is with NexaMedical HIPAA compliant virtual receptionists.

If you’re a health care provider or specialist, you’re familiar with HIPAA. You have to be; since 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act does a lot to protect patient information, especially with the rise of digital record keeping and EHR systems. If your practice isn’t following HIPAA compliance, you’re going to face loss of credibility at best, and severe legal consequences at the worst. So your practice legally has to be HIPAA compliant. But what about your answering service? If you want your calls handled like an extension of your business, your service needs to protect patient privacy.

Importance of Patient Privacy For Your Answering Service

When it comes to answering services, you have a ton of choices. However, a majority of these services are outsourced overseas, have poor sound quality, and create negative and frustrating customer experiences.Furthermore, those answering services aren’t HIPAA compliant: their centers don’t have privacy screens, their call answering team isn’t industry-trained, and they’re unsure of how to handle crucial situations like emergency dispatch.

Why do you need an answering service that has HIPAA compliant services?

Whether your patients are calling into Nexa or are in your physical office, they need to be protected.That’s why NexaMedical offers HIPAA compliant call answering, as well as secure SMS and email messaging. We ensure that your patients receive the same privacy and consideration that they receive in person at your practice. “NexaMedical exceeded our expectations in the first 90 days,” said the vice president of a large home health provider. “We rely mostly on the frontline staff from Nexa who respond directly to calls, but administratively we rely on the daily logs and secure messaging.”Our NexaMedical answering specialists handling your calls have undergone 85+ hours of industry-specific training. We handle your calls as a true extension of your practice.

What makes Nexa different?

Nexa has been answering calls across North America for over 35 years. As we expanded our service offerings, we became the call answering solution for more and more medical clients. With over 1000 medical clients, our clients are large hospitals, small family practices, chiropractors, dentists, cancer specialists, and more. There’s a reason why NexaMedical is an industry leader in the 24/7 virtual receptionist space. Our industry-trained team is a true extension of your practice. Our 35+ years of experience answering for medical clients of all sizes ensure we handle your calls with speed, accuracy, and sensitivity. We’re always on call for your practice. Contact our account specialists today to see how NexaMedical can make a difference for your practice.


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