Legal Consumer Research: How Do Customers Decide On a Lawyer?

There’s more information on legal consumer behavior today than ever before. Clio, a leading provider of legal management software, has conducted an extensive survey on what exactly consumers are thinking in their 2017 Legal Trend Report. Above the Law says, “The completely data-driven Legal Trends Report is simultaneously the most comprehensive and the most granular analysis of lawyer activity ever published.” We know that choosing a lawyer can be a difficult task.In times of legal strife, it’s crucial for clients to find someone who represents them well in court and doesn’t destroy their budget while doing so. We went through Clio’s study to find the most important information for you and to answer the question: how exactly do consumers decide on a lawyer?

According to Clio’s Legal Trends Report 2017, it’s based on a few factors. Customers will choose your firm if you…

  • promptly answers the first call or email (67%)
  • offer free first-time consults (64%)
  • offer fixed fees (49%)
  • accept credit card (28%)
  • have positive text message exchanges (27%)
  • have a great looking website (19%)

This might be surprising because many firms focus on dynamic visuals over prompt service. This isn’t to say that you should abandon a cohesive web design entirely. It’s important to keep in mind that while your overall image will benefit from strong branding, the priority has to be customer service since 2 out of 3 people polled said they will pick a firm because they promptly answer the first call or email.Providing constant excellence from a customer service standpoint can be daunting. This is where it can be beneficial to put together a support team. This team can complete tasks for you like marketing, social media, and virtual reception through selective outsourcing. You can focus on getting your important work done while resting easy knowing that your marketing and customer service is being expertly handled.When choosing a support team, it’s crucial to make sure they understand your practice. They also need to have lead qualifications that get the right clients and use appointment scheduling to keep you prepared and organized. Another useful feature for a virtual support team is CRM integration, which puts important client information at your fingertips. Make choosing a lawyer easy for your customers.

NexaReceptionists offers all this 24/7/365 and more so that you can focus on growing your firm.

Source: Clio. (2017) Legal Trends Report 2017


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