How To Use Text & Live Chat Service To Grow Revenue and Improve Customer Experience

A live chat customer service means there’s always a real person available to answer questions, schedule appointments and qualify leads.

Whether they’re in an important meeting and can’t talk or simply hate calling, your customer isn't always going to want to speak to you on the phone. In fact, 41 percent of consumers actually expect businesses to provide live chat and text services.  If you don't have anyone available to handle their questions, you lose out on valuable business. One of the easiest ways to empower growth without adding to your overhead is through a people-powered live chat and text messaging service. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 employees or hundreds, giving customers access to support on their own terms keeps your business running smoothly and converts digital and online traffic into happy—and paying—customers.

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6 ways to use text and live chat service to increase revenue and strengthen client relationships

People text. So should your business. Here are some ways you can leverage text messaging and live chat service—whether you’re the owner-operator of an SMB or the decision-maker at a large enterprise:

Growing revenue without growing headcount & overhead

With outsourced live chat and text messaging, you can provide expert sales and customer service, maximize current staffing and business processes, and increase productivity at a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee, leaving your current team free to focus on the real work at-hand. And when combined with call services, live chat and text messaging can improve conversion rates up to 40 percent—quickly taking digital traffic and website visitors from chat to a live phone conversation and through to closed new business.

Build a more qualified sales pipeline

The best text messaging and live chat services are powered by real people in both English and Spanish—expert agents trained not only in customer service, but also in sales best-practices. Expert agents should know the ins and outs of your business and they should know which leads are worth your time, so they can be best equipped to convert digital traffic and website visitors into paying clients and loyal customers.  

Maximize marketing ROI and communicate with customers where they are

Live chat and text messaging creates yet another channel for capturing qualified leads and addressing customer concerns. And, you can create custom scripts and processes for both new or existing clients, so you’re always speaking directly to the stage of the research or buying cycle that they’re in.

Expand operating hours with 24/7/365 sales and customer service in English & Spanish

A bilingual live chat customer service means there’s always a real person available to answer questions, schedule appointments and qualify leads, even in the middle of the night or on holidays. And if the conversation ends up going offline, a skilled agent can easily make a live phone transfer to provide quick resolution.

Provide an efficient, helpful and caring human touch

Your customers can tell if they’re dealing with chatbots based on the limitations of the customer service provided. That may explain why research puts the number of people who prefer live chat at a staggering 92 percent ( Customers prefer humans to chatbots because humans can respond intelligently and empathetically to concerns, problems and questions. Bots only give answers that they’ve been programmed to give. If your customers ask a chatbot a question they haven’t been programmed to take, then your customers are left to fend for themselves. With real people at the helm of your business’ text messaging and live chat customer service, you’ll build better customer engagement, convert more leads and, ultimately, improve revenue for your business.

Make better-informed business decisions

By integrating text or live chat services with your chosen CRM, for example, you can build out detailed customer lists with data-driven reports. Collect valuable information on client pain points, FAQ’s, buying cycle and communication preferences to improve customer service and convert more leads.

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Key benefits of live chat your business needs

Because the uses of text messaging and chat support services for business growth and customer service are many, so are the benefits. Here are just a few:

Customer Satisfaction and Retention

One of the biggest advantages to installing text messaging and live chat capabilities on your site is customer satisfaction. Did you know that businesses lose more than $75 billion each year due to bad customer service? The more satisfied your customers are with you, the more they’ll continue to spend their dollars at your business.


Reducing repetition for your customers is another benefit. A text or live chat representative can get a sense of your customer’s issue by reviewing any notes and feedback logged by prior agents. This dramatically cuts down on them having to explain themselves again and again—which leads to happier customers.  Even your team of agents benefits from text and live chat implementation. If they’re faced with relatively straightforward questions in the chat queue, they can multitask between a few at once. Live chat services and text messaging lead to faster resolutions and save time for both businesses and customers alike.

Web Traffic and Reputation

Finally, with this improved customer service comes increased traffic to your site due to repeat customers and word-of-mouth driving more site visitors. More site traffic is a positive SEO signal that contributes to your site climbing in the search engine results pages.

How to implement live chat and text messaging

Adding live chat customer service to your site can be challenging, but we’ve got you covered. Nexa makes it easy to setup the technology for you on your site, then provides live agents (read: real people) to act as the knowledgeable, friendly representatives of your business. This frees you and your team up to concentrate on the details of your business that you’re best at, empowering you to continue providing high-quality service to your customers.

More: Increase conversion rates and improve customer experience with people-powered live chat and text.


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