Make the Call: Is Talking On the Phone Still Important for Customer Service?

To create an excellent customer experience, you need to make sure your live voice support is quality. Virtual receptionists can help.

Talking on the phone has always been a staple of customer service. However, new technology is influencing customers’ decision making when it comes to support options. It seems like every day, there’s a new think piece about “the death of the phone call”.For business owners and marketing specialists, it’s worth taking the time to really examine the subject. Are phones calls really dead? Are you wasting your resources in the wrong form of customer service? Let this article break it down for you.Online OverloadIf you want to launch a successful marketing campaign for your business, you absolutely have to acknowledge that online communication is crucial.American Express reports that more than 60% of U.S consumers go to digital self-serve tools like a website, mobile app, or chat first for simple inquiries.The ever-increasing influence of technology in our daily lives means the importance of solid self-support options can’t be understated. Your customers want the option to try to solve a problem on their own time.If you don’t offer these options, a frustrated first-time customer might move away from your company and straight to the competition. You need a strong website and chat option.

The Importance of a Phone Call

The importance of online customer service options doesn’t negate phone calls, however.However, the #1 reason people dislike calling companies isn’t that they dislike phone calls, according to New Voice Media. Almost always, it’s because they don’t get to speak to a real person right away. They also report that 68% of people still contact customer service by phone.This changes everything when it comes to data about customer service. It makes sense that people have turned to self-automated options for customer support after being constantly disappointed by live voice service.If you call a company endlessly without support or finally make it through just to be redirected to a phone tree, of course you’re going to be upset. Turning to self-service options online just makes sense at that point.A Pew Reseach Center study showed that 53% of Americans still prefer a phone call over a text, and that’s just in their personal lives. When it comes to business, the need for personal connection becomes even more clear. What’s more, there’s a growing desire to place a phone call or start a video chat, according to a UCLA study. This is especially true for Millenials and Gen Z, who is set to become the biggest consumer global market in the next few years.

Find Your Solution

Time to compromise. Your potential customers are out there and they are disappointed in the previous service they’ve received. It’s time for you to wow them with exceptional service.This comes from developing both your online support options and streamlining your call options. The goal here is to develop an omnichannel support system that will wow your clients. “Providing a good customer experience throughout their “journey” with you is a top priority for almost every business today…the key is that the information is always up-to-date and consistent, regardless of which platform you choose.”But how do you do this? It can feel impossible for small business owners to get everything done they need to in the day. Add impeccable customer service to that to-do list, and you’ll burn out.This is why outsourcing for small businesses is such a good idea. By utilizing a trusted third party, you can be sure the customer experience is a priority. Your potential pool of clients is looking for options. They want to connect with you, and they want to get the info they need quickly and kindly. Oblige them, and you’ll leave the competition in the dust.


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