Q&A with Ryan Keener, Senior Vice President of Nexa Healthcare

Nexa Healthcare is dedicated to rapid innovation and improving the patient and provider experience.

As one of Nexa’s fastest-growing business segments, the Nexa Healthcare division is dedicated to rapid innovation and improving the patient and provider experience. We took a moment to connect with Nexa Healthcare SVP Ryan Keener to learn about his plans for expanding Nexa’s healthcare footprint and enabling efficient and smooth operating engagements between our clients and their patients and providers.

In this Q&A, get to know Ryan and learn more about his role as SVP of Nexa Healthcare, as well as the opportunities he sees for the company.

About the Role: SVP of Nexa Healthcare

In your own words, how would you describe your role as SVP of Nexa Healthcare?

As SVP of Nexa Healthcare, my role is to deliver a best-in-class service to our customers while growing our healthcare footprint. I’m responsible for leading our go-to-market strategy, service delivery and operations.    

What was it about this new role that made you want to take it on?

When Jeff [Mosler], CEO of Nexa, approached me about this role and I told my wife, she said, “You mean like doing what you’ve been wanting to do for years?” Creating a stand-alone healthcare business unit makes all the sense in the world. It allows us to specialize, which creates an improved patient, provider and customer experience. And, in turn, this is great for our business as we’ll be able to help more professionals in the medical and healthcare industry, and provide a better experience for our employees.

Key Opportunities for Nexa Healthcare  

In your opinion, what are the 3 greatest opportunities for Nexa Healthcare?

  1. Master our craft and grow. We need to take it to the next level in terms of servicing our existing customers and becoming true healthcare-exclusive experts. Simultaneously, we need to take our existing service offering to market and grow our customer base.    
  1. Expand our service offerings. There are many adjacent services that our customers are buying today. There’s no reason we can’t deliver those services and provide more of a one-stop-shop for our customers, which will result in better care, delivery and provider experiences.  
  1. Technology: Analytics, data & integration. We take thousands and thousands of calls that capture tons of valuable data that can be used by our customers. We need to take advantage of that and provide usable business intelligence to our customers and build out new features and offerings. We also need to figure out how to better integrate with our customers and the systems they use, which will open more opportunities to grow their revenue and provide a better experience for their patients.

At Nexa, our healthcare and medical agents receive 85+ hours of training in the field, serving 650+ small family practitioners, multi-location specialty groups and industry-leading hospitals.

Learn more about how Nexa Healthcare is working to improve patient and provider experiences.

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