Improve your phone responsiveness to rank higher on Google Local Services

Here's what you need to know about how your customer service response helps you rank higher on Google Local Services.

Improve your phone responsiveness to rank higher on Google Local Services

Local Services Ads at a glance  

In early 2018, along with a select group of Google premier partners, SearchKings introduced Local Services Ads by Google as a new lead generation platform. Today, SearchKings manages more Local Services Ads accounts than any other Google partner worldwide.  

With Google’s verified directory of ads, advertisers need to earn, instead of pay, their way to the top of search results.  

Unlike pay-per-click advertising that allows businesses with large budgets to out-bid smaller companies, Local Services Ads advertisers have the opportunity to earn one of three fully displayed positions (two on mobile) based on performance.  

The role of responsiveness in Google rankings

An advertiser’s chance at appearing in the top spots are determined by a few factors, including:

  • The advertiser’s proximity to the customer
  • The number and frequency of reviews
  • The responsiveness rating of the account, which is the advertiser’s ability to answer the phone

While each one of these metrics plays an important part in the overall ranking of an advertiser, the easiest of these three metrics to improve upon is the third, which can be done by simply not missing a call from a qualified lead.  

What happens when everybody is already on a call or busy with something else? Or the person designated to handle incoming calls steps away for a few minutes? Customers expect businesses to be hungry for their business and will often look elsewhere if their needs aren’t swiftly acknowledged.  

To help businesses succeed on the third metric, SearchKings prescribed Nexa as a “must-have” operational solution for hundreds of small businesses that were struggling to respond to their customer’s needs. This not only improved the flow of calls coming from the Local Services Ads platform, but provided businesses the opportunity to capitalize on every lead and potential customer—leads and customers that would have otherwise been lost.

By capturing every potential customer, Google sees that the business is taking their customers seriously, and in turn, promotes them into more prominent positions.  

How to maximize Google advertising dollars

To provide businesses a simplified view into these performance metrics, SearchKings developed a proprietary tool to help monitor their responsiveness rate along with other key indicators such as average duration of the calls received.  

Nexa’s customers that have their advertising accounts managed by SearchKings are able to use this tool to gather insights into the performance of their advertising dollars as well as view their consolidated lead activity from all digital sources.  

The combination of practical data-driven insights and a smart phone answering service has proven to be a successful strategy for many businesses to maximize their advertising dollars and push their profile into a winning position.  

Exclusive offer for Nexa clients only

Nexa clients receive flat rate pricing, no contracts or startup fee, and transparent pricing (you pay Google with your own credit card) when you sign-up with SearchKings, plus you’ll get your own dedicated accounts manager and $150 Google Ads credit for new advertisers. Visit, call (888) 335-4647 or email to get started.

About SearchKings

Founded in 2009, SearchKings designs, builds, and manages digital advertising campaigns for small and mid-sized businesses in a variety of verticals including home services and professional services. With 85 employees and 5000+ customers, SearchKings is one of the fastest growing digital advertising agencies in North America.  


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