What Can A Real Estate Answering Service Do For Your Business

If you frequently worry about losing client opportunities in a fast-paced industry, Nexa Receptionist's real estate answering service is here to help out...

How Can A Real Estate Answering Service Enhance Your Business?

From meetings with clients to closing deals on dream homes, real estate professionals are constantly on the go. Not only are you short on time, but answering calls while you're with clients isn't proper business etiquette.However, at the same time, you can't afford to lose out on possible new clients.Let us help you out of this dilemma!Our live operators serve and understand your clients holistically. So, you can be free to take care of more immediate business tasks instead of tending to the phone all day.You can depend on our live property management answering service to:

Stay In The Loop While On-The-Go

Dinnertime, weekends, holidays – no time's a bad time for a client to call. Right? For real estate professionals, leaving the office on time is never a given. Our virtual receptionists & answering services are available 24/7/365 and even after normal business hours to take calls for your business. Clients and investors may call in asking about apartment complexes, condominiums, or other property types. Our service team is capable of discerning the kind of help they need and how best to facilitate them.What's more, you can track it all on the go! Monitor your calendar appointments, calls, and messages directly from our web portal and mobile app. Your customers will be able to interact and engage with your real estate offices in real-time.

Speak With Industry Experts

78% of consumers leave potential purchases incomplete because of poor service experiences. Your real estate company will only be as successful as the representatives’ on-call with potential buyers, which is why agents must know what they're talking about.The real estate industry is very niche specific – and uninformed representatives could very well hurt the reputation of your business. Luckily, Nexa's professional receptionists are trained in the norms and practices of the industry, so that they can deliver the quality service you're known for.

Schedule Meetings And Appointments

The best part about a real estate call center? There's no back and forth about scheduling and changing dates for meetings between different offices. Our receptionists not only schedule appointments and property visits, but we also provide lockbox information for property managers scheduled to see new properties.In an industry where appointments are made on the go, a rapid response call center can help you eliminate no-shows and guarantee that you always know where to be and when to go.

Nexa's Real Estate Call Center – Partner With Us Now

According to consumers, CRM agents fail to provide valuable answers 50% of the time. Our virtual receptionist team is not just committed to answering important calls but also helps you convert new prospects and generate new leads.We handle message taking, appointment scheduling, follow-ups, and outbound calls, so you can focus on what matters – your investors and clients.Ready to get started? Check out our real estate answering service plans, and help us help you create new growth opportunities today!


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