SMS Appointment Booking Becomes Industry Standard In 2023

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Offering A Business Text Messaging Service Is Necessary For Growth

With the current economic state, business owners must be strategic in their customer service plans. Saving time and maximizing resources, all while providing a positive customer experience, should be business owners’ primary goals in 2023. One strategy to save time without sacrificing the customer experience is offering a business text message service.  

Here’s why so many business owners have included SMS appointment booking in next year’s budget and how they are relying on call answering services to increase their return on investment.

Booking Via SMS Captures and Closes Leads

Communicating with potential customers via SMS can help to capture more leads and book appointments. Furthermore, businesses that offer text message services 24/7 can differentiate themselves from competitors even further. One key benefit of text messaging is flexibility in response times. Unlike phone calls, customers can schedule appointments and complete other tasks simultaneously. Keep in mind, as highlighted in one article published by Cleaning and Maintenance Management, that “more than 90 percent of texts are opened within three minutes”. [1] This statistic indicates that businesses may receive faster response times than calls or emails, despite the added flexibility that could leave others to procrastinate. Turns out convenience is key in scheduling to increase responsiveness.

Confirming Appointments Via Text Can Increase Attendance

Frequently, appointment confirmations occur via phone when many individuals are at work. They may overlook a voicemail from a missed call. With text message booking services, clients can confirm or reschedule bookings at any point in time without having to call back. Offering text messaging can increase retention rates and improve customer satisfaction. Texting is going to be an expectation among consumers within every industry. If a business doesn’t offer it, it is too easy to move along to a competitor.

Requesting Online Reviews via SMS Can Build Trust and Authority

Customer reviews can make or break a business. Maintaining a reputation for providing high-quality service is imperative and can start with reviews. Positive reviews can sway potential customers who are on the fence about your services to take a risk. Buyers trust other buyers. You can connect with previous customers to request testimonials via SMS.  Business owners shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to existing or former customers to solicit reviews. They are invaluable marketing resources that can boost visibility and brand loyalty.

Call Nexa Receptionists For Text, Chat, Booking and 24/7 Call Answering Services

Our customer specialists provide services via call, text, or chat. Our team is trained to answer inbound calls, place outbound sales calls, manage client intake processes and more. One of the key features we offer as an after-hours phone answering service includes taking calls any time of day. From HVAC to plumbing, we have provided consistent, high-quality services via a virtual answering service to countless businesses throughout the country.

Learn more about how we can save your team time and provide your customers with consistent service from a customer service specialist by calling 800-756-3080 or completing our contact form. 


  1. Cleaning & Maintenance Management. “5 Ways Texting Can Grow Your Commercial Cleaning Company.”

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