How to Tidy Up Your Business and Prepare for the Year Ahead

Spring is finally here (although it still may feel a little chilly outside!).And along with the warmer weather, that also means it’s time for a little spring cleaning for your business.Now we’re not just talking about cleaning up the office (though that may be a worthwhile endeavor as well), but also preparing your business to crush it in the year ahead.As you get caught up in running your business, you can start to lose track of the little things…Old, outdated blog posts, outdated social media, progress towards long-term goals, etc.So a little spring cleaning may be just what the doctor ordered.In today’s post, we’ll give you some spring cleaning tips to tidy up your business and prepare for the year ahead!

Update Your Website and Social Media

What’s your online presence like?Is the copy on your site still as sharp as you’d like it to be, or could it use some sprucing up?Perhaps you can create some stronger calls-to-action or even some more compelling benefits around your product or service.And how about your social media? Is all the information on your pages still accurate?Have you been responding to comments and messages consistently, or do you need to allocate some more resources to these channels?There’s no better time to optimize your online presence than now!

Evaluate Your Email Marketing Strategies

How is your email marketing performing? Are you getting enough email leads per day, or are these numbers starting to decline? If so, it may be time for a more compelling lead magnet.How about your open and click rates? Have they been steadily declining as well?If so, it may be time to reassess the type of content that your audience is craving (perhaps through an email survey).From there, you can start churning out the type of content that your audience craves.

Consider a Content Audit

Do you have old and outdated content? How about content that you feel no longer represents your brand?Here’s the problem: a lot of these old and outdated posts can actually hurt your SEO rankings and damage your traffic numbers.But with a content audit, you delete some posts and redirect others to newer content. This helps boost your SEO rankings, makes your site more up to date, and makes sure that all your content represents your brand accurately.

Assess Progress Towards Your Long-Term Goals

When is the last time you took a look at your long-term goals? Are you closer to them this year than you were the year before, or have you started to stray away from your purpose and objectives?Now is a good time to reassess those long-term goals, and decide whether or not they’re still relevant for your business.If not, you should figure out some stronger long-term goals that better align with your current vision.

Make Your Business More Efficient

Are you spending a little too much on employee salaries? Are your processes as efficient as they could be?More specifically, is there a way you can save money while also making your business more efficient? This is a challenge for many businesses, but the solution may be easier than you think…For example, you could bring in the help of a virtual receptionist to

  1. drastically cut down the salary from a full-time receptionist and
  2. make sure there is someone available to answer the phones 24 hours a day.

With the help of a quality virtual receptionist service, this can be done easily.


To keep your business fresh and well-functioning, it helps to do a little spring cleaning every once in a while.This will help you figure out where you stand, and how you can start plowing forward toward the ultimate goals for your business.Put these spring cleaning tips into action, and let us know how you do!Do you have any other spring cleaning small business tips? Let us know in the comments below!


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