The Benefits of A Virtual Real Estate Receptionist

Is your real estate team unable to use their expertise in the right direction? It might be time to hire a virtual real estate receptionist. Read on to learn more

It’s a busy time to be in the real estate business. High demand is leading to more offers which, in turn, are leading to higher sale prices. In January of 2022, over 52% of houses sold in the US were fetching higher sale prices than their list prices. That shows it’s a good time to be in real estate. It also means it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of work that’s undoubtedly in your place.

That’s where a virtual real estate receptionist comes in.

If you and your team of agents are feeling overworked or unable to channel your expertise in the right direction, it could be time for a virtual receptionist to step in. Key players for any size agency, virtual receptionists work to lighten the daily load by handling client-facing communications and keeping the internal mechanics of your office operating smoothly. 

Let’s look a little closer at the role of virtual receptionists in real estate and how they can benefit your business—on and off the market. 

What Does a Virtual Real Estate Receptionist Do?

Even if you’ve never employed a receptionist or an assistant, you might have a basic idea of what it is they do. But let's take a closer look at a few of the common responsibilities of a virtual receptionist so you have a better idea of how they might fit into your day-to-day life. In addition to setting the tone for a positive interaction with your clients, virtual receptionists:

  • Answer phone calls 
  • Appointment scheduling with buyers and sellers
  • Input data 
  • Organize and schedule showings and open houses
  • Respond to texts, live chat, and emails from current and prospective clients

Essentially, a virtual receptionist can tackle many of the tasks that are typically handled by an in-office assistant—from anywhere

8 Reasons Why Your Agency Will Benefit From a Virtual Receptionist

Now that you have a better sense of how a virtual receptionist will participate in your daily workflow, let’s examine what kind of a positive return this could render for your agency. From omni channel communication to decreased costs, here are eight reasons why you’ll benefit from bringing a virtual receptionist onto your roster. 

#1 Omni Channel Communication

The days of a receptionist simply being someone who answers phones are long gone. In today's world, clients reach out to you in many ways and you have to be ready to respond to them in a timely and professional manner. Thankfully, a live virtual receptionist or a virtual assistant for small business can take care of this by providing:

  • Live chat – The home buyers of today didn’t grow up in the same world as the homebuyers of yesterday. Many times, the phone is not their first choice for communication. By having live chat powered by real people, you can reach out to potential clients through your website and build your business beyond the phone.

  • Text messaging – Another preferred method of communication for many, this allows you to get in touch with clients, confirm scheduling, or follow up without the intrusiveness some people feel from a phone call.

  • 24/7 call answering – The phone isn’t dead yet. In fact, it’s still the lifeblood of your business. Make sure that you never miss an important call no matter what time of day. With 24/7 call center services, no opportunities will fall through the cracks.

Consistent communication is a sure sign of a competent, reliable business. These added communication channels will enable you to stay on top of all your clients' needs while also generating new leads. 

#2 Sales Generation

You’re busy with your current clients, making sure their home-buying or selling experience goes as smoothly as possible. To deliver one-of-a-kind service, you’ll need to be able to focus on their needs throughout the many phases that lie ahead. 

However, in order for your business to be successful, you’ll also need to generate new leads. That way, once one sale closes and those clients no longer need you, you’ll have new clients ready to employ your services.

Instead of teetering on a wobbly tightrope of time split between nurturing your current relationships and investing in new prospects, regain your balance with the help of a virtual receptionist or a real estate answering service.  

They can help with:

  • Incoming communication – The omnichannel communication we just spoke of isn’t only for dealing with current clients and handling appointment scheduling issues. Anytime someone gets in touch with your business, it can be a sale waiting to happen. If no one is there to answer, that potential sale could move on to the next business. Your virtual receptionist can make sure every call gets handled and no lead goes unexplored. 
  • Outbound calls – Some agencies prefer to get in the driver’s seat of their marketing strategies. Instead of simply putting out an ad and waiting for the business to find you, you step on the gas and propel the sales funnel forward yourself. By implementing outgoing call services, you can follow up on your marketing and continue generating new, qualified leads. These simple steps can lead to more clients and a better return on investment from your marketing budget.

#3 Happier Employees

Helping prospective homeowners settle into the place of their dreams is just one of the gratifying roles a real estate agent plays. Nevertheless, the demands of the job can sometimes weigh on even the most enthusiastic agents. In fact, a primary reason why employees find themselves unhappy in a job is often due to worker burnout:

  • In a 2021 survey by Indeed, 52% of employees across all sectors reported feeling burned out—and the numbers were worse among Gen Z and millenials. 

While some of the factors causing these feelings may be beyond your control, the workload is something that can be managed.

A virtual real estate receptionist can prevent your other employees from feeling stretched thin. Simply knowing that their clients’ needs will be taken care of even when they’re off the clock can lead to lower stress levels and better work-life balance. A successful business starts with remarkable employees—and your employees can’t work their best if they feel overextended and constantly pressed for time. A virtual receptionist can be an essential tool to prevent that from happening. 

#4 Happier Customers

It’s not just your employees who will benefit from having less work on their plate. By handling tasks such as call answering, scheduling, and general support, a virtual receptionist takes care of your client’s needs while also freeing up time for your agents. That time can be better spent cultivating long-lasting client relationships. 

More time with agents, all questions and calls answered in a more timely fashion—it all adds up to happier clients who may even be more likely to recommend you to others in their community.

#5 Reduced Costs

Another one of the main benefits you’ll notice from hiring a virtual receptionist or a virtual assistant service is the potential savings available. Hiring a full-time or part-time employee can be costly, but virtual receptionists can fit a more affordable employment mold. Since you’re only hiring for the specific needs your business has, you can create cost structures that complement your flow, such as:

  • Full time
  • Hourly 
  • On a project-by-project basis 

As for the specific savings, it will depend upon your needs and the virtual receptionist service you end up hiring. Automated or offshore options may have significant savings, but lack certain skills you may find available when you hire a more local, people-driven option. You’ll need to weigh these priorities against your available budget.

#6 Increased Availability

Working with in-person live receptionist services will work for a set period of hours and sign off for the day, meaning any after-hours calls may still go unanswered. This doesn’t have to be the case with virtual receptionists. They can be available anytime, so you never miss important communications.

#7 Diversified Options

When you’re selling a house, you often strive to tap into the largest possible pool of potential buyers to ensure you get the best deal. The same goes for when you’re hiring a receptionist. By hiring off-site, you get to choose from a much larger pool of customer service specialists rather than limiting yourself to locally-based applicants.

#8 Adaptable to Your Work Environment

While the properties you show may come equipped with several home office spaces, that might not be the case for your agency’s headquarters. If your workspace is limited to just a few offices for your essential agents and property managers, it can be tough to find a spot for an in-office receptionist to squeeze in. 

When you work with a virtual receptionist, this concern is pushed to the side, freeing up space for you to tackle your upcoming projects without cramming anyone into a corner. 

Nexa: Your Source for Results-Driven Virtual Receptionists

If you’re starting to think that a virtual real estate receptionist might be right for your business, it’s time to get in touch with us at Nexa. Our team of professionals is ready to help your business grow, using real estate and customer service knowledge to drive the results you need. 

To see our expertise in action, put our skills to the test in a free 30-day trial. 

From improving your team’s morale to increasing customer retention, let Nexa be what you need to take your agency to new heights.  


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