The Difference a Virtual Receptionist Makes For Your HVAC Business

An HVAC virtual receptionist will transform your day-to-day operations. Here are 3 ways those changes can hugely benefit your homeservices business.

Your day-to-day schedule as an HVAC professional is packed. As peak season continues, you’re likely on jobs and on-call non-stop. If you take time to stop and think, you might wonder what your day would look like with a little help. That’s where NexaHomeServices comes in.  Here’s what your day looks like with an HVAC virtual receptionist.

BEFORE: You’re waking up to missed calls

Before your day can truly start, you’re already behind. Potential and current clients have tried to contact you overnight.  You’ve lost leads and you’re scrambling to keep up.

WITH NEXA HOMESERVICES: You're resting easy

Our virtual receptionist call answering service is available around the clock, 24/7/365.are available around the clock, 24/7/365. Your customers talked to a real person and know when to expect you to call.  You check the NexaInsights app and know exactly which calls came in overnight and can get back to those customers.  Or, you've provided our team with your emergency dispatch procedures.  When emergency calls come in at night, we dispatch the call to your on-call technician and you rest easy knowing your team and clients are well supported.

BEFORE: You’re getting calls while on a job.

You’re in a client’s home, on the road, or on a roof, and your phone rings. You can’t stop what you’re doing to pick up the call, but as a result, your next job is lost.

“It’s impossible to get to the phone all of the time while we’re working and can’t take notes or schedule appointments as needed,” Ed Black of Environmental Air explained.

WITH NEXA HOMESERVICES: Your appointments are in capable hands.

You let us know when you are "on" or "off." An HVAC virtual receptionist not only takes the call, but they can also schedule appointments for you while you focus on work.

"Nexa views our customers the same way we dowith the same respect, accountability, and professionalism. The transition is so seamless that many customers don't even realize that they're not speaking with a company employee," said the operations manager of Penguin Air & Plumbing.


Time off? Not happening during busy season. Our data shows that 50% of home service emergency calls come in during the weekend. You can’t afford to lose that business to competitors, but without some extra support, you’re going to burn out, fast.

WITH NEXA HOMESERVICES: You're supported whenever, wherever

Remember what we said about 24/7 support? We mean it, even on the weekend. Our receptionists work in shifts, so every call feels like the first call of the day.Whether you’re hustling through the weekend or taking time off to recharge, NexaHomeServices is ready to take the lead 24/7/365.

"We are a 24-hour company, so we needed somebody to answer our phones after hours. Nexa answers the calls in a polite manner and dispatch the messages to the on-call technician efficiently. It's good to have a company that takes care of things when we're not here. Whenever I've called in, they always take care of us and help us out with whatever we need. I'm completely satisfied and would recommend NexaHomeServices," said a representative from Quail Plumbing.


NexaHomeServices currently serves more than 500 home services companies.  We are ready to train our virtual receptionists on your business' procedures so we can help you book your next job and improve your bottom line.Are you ready to transform your business? Click here to get in touch with an account executive and experience the benefits for yourself, with a 21-day risk free trial.


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