The Importance of Customer Satisfaction & How To Improve Your Client Retention Strategy

Wondering how to improve HVAC customer satisfaction and client retention? Read to learn how to boost the customer experience for your business.

As an HVAC company, the customer is always right. No, that doesn’t mean your customers are likely to know how to install an air conditioner properly or repair drain issues with the efficiency of a professional. But it does mean that hearing and addressing customer feedback can go the extra mile in terms of customer satisfaction.

In the HVAC industry, your business depends on customer loyalty. When customers feel that a company listens and values their feedback, they’ll keep coming back. So, if you’re looking to learn how to start a HVAC business on the right foot or for a way to improve your HVAC customer retention rate, consider how your HVAC business can improve communications with existing and potential customers. 

Interested in learning more? Keep reading for ways to improve the customer experience and satisfy customer needs.

What Improves Customer Satisfaction?

So, you’ve already implemented an effective HVAC lead generation strategy. Now the next hurdle to cross is retaining those new customers. Remember that a satisfied and happy customer is a loyal customer, and the best way to satisfy your clientele is to improve the customer experience. 

Now, you may be wondering what exactly makes for a good customer experience? To understand that, you need to know what customers value. According to a PwC study, 80% of American consumers value:

  • Efficiency
  • Convenience
  • Friendly service
  • Knowledgeable service

How your HVAC business interacts with customers will determine if they return to you again or refer your services to a friend. So, leave your customers with a good impression of you and your HVAC company as often as possible by replying to HVAC customer inquiries and calls quickly and addressing any issues that may occur with professionalism and compassion. 

What Happens After a Bad Experience?

How bad can one bad experience be? Research shows that some customers can be somewhat unforgiving when it comes to bad customer service experiences:

  • 25% will stop visiting a business after only one bad experience.
  • "61% of customers would leave for a competitor after just one negative experience."³
  • $1,506 of customer spend is lost due to unhappy customer cancellations, on average.
  • 45% of customers will cancel if the ordering and payment process is too long or frustrating.

To that end, ensure that you and your employees operate with integrity and proficiency during every house visit or phone call.

Tip One: Communicate Issues and Problems Effectively

Customers value honest communication. When the air conditioner is broken in the summer or the heater is down during the winter, customers will need the services of an HVAC business more than ever. To that end, customers are more likely to choose an HVAC company that offers quality technical expertise and strong communication skills. 

Why? Customers want someone they can trust, especially if they’re bringing you into their homes.

In addition to answering consumer calls and responding to potential customer inquiries promptly, HVAC businesses can also incorporate the following best practices to improve client communication:

  • Be transparent – Explain the work you’re doing to customers so they can know what’s going on, how long it’ll take, and what to expect. If you’re experiencing an issue, let your clients know of any dangers it may pose to the home or any additional costs it might accrue. 
  • Follow up – After the job is done, follow up with customers with a quick call or email survey to ensure that their appliance is working smoothly and has a satisfactory experience. You can even provide a complimentary follow-up repair HVAC service if an existing customer isn’t satisfied.
  • Use technology – Providing a technological option for customers to easily leave feedback and pay for services from their mobile devices. You can also incorporate a virtual system that answers calls and provides live texts and chat services to gauge customer satisfaction.

Tip Two: Upgrade Customer Service Technology

Looking to improve customer communication? When problems arise, or setbacks happen, customers want to be able to reach your business and know they’ll be heard. Upgrading your traditional answering service to a virtual receptionist service offers a better way to communicate. 

A virtual receptionist service is the ideal tech solution for your HVAC business’s short-term and long-term goals. 

This service allows you to outsource your calls to a customer service professional who can answer customer questions, provide relevant information, and even take messages. Plus, we are always available to schedule an appointment or pass along a message.
We provide call answering services for real estate, healthcare, retail/e-commerce, and more. Want to see how it works? Try our free 30-day trial today! 

A virtual receptionist can offer:

  • Scheduling services – Virtual services can schedule appointments and set up personalized reminders for you and your clients to make customer intake and retention practices quick and easy.
  • Call handling – If you’re away from the office working a job, a virtual receptionist can take calls and make outbound calls to clients to provide scheduling or servicing updates. 
  • Message delivery – If a new or repeat customer calls and leaves a message about an A/C malfunction, a virtual receptionist or contractor answering service can take and deliver that message to you upon your return. Additionally, a virtual receptionist can communicate special offers or services to clients with emails and texting services. Some virtual systems even provide a live chat option for customers to gauge your services and troubleshoot any issues they may be experiencing.

How Customers Feel About Customer Service Technology

According to a PwC survey, 82% of American consumers want more human interactions in customer service. The good news is that, despite its name, there’s a real person behind each of your customer interactions when working with a virtual receptionist service. 

So, even if you’re across town tinkering with a heating repair, your customers will feel valued and listened to when they call your headquarters. 

Tip Three: Take that Next Step with Nexa

In the HVAC business, providing quality customer service can build long-lasting customer relationships and trust within your community. The biggest component of satisfactory customer service is efficient and skilled communication.

If you’re looking to improve customer satisfaction and expand your communication services, go the extra mile with Nexa.

At Nexa, we provide virtual receptionists services that meet your and your customers’ needs. We work around the clock 24/7, answering calls and responding to messages so that your customers never feel unheard or ignored. Plus, we are always available to schedule an appointment or pass along a message.

Want to see how it works? Try our free 30-day trial today!


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