The Value of NexaPlus For The Legal Marketing Agency, Whitehardt

Adam Carbonneau broke down the benefits of NexaPlus receptionists for Whitehardt, a full-service legal advertising agency.

Hear about the benefits of NexaPlus from Adam Carbonneau, the Director of Web Services at Whitehardt.

Our Mass Tort Marketing Experts Use Nexa to Provide Quality Leads for Your Law Firm

At Whitehardt, a full-service legal advertising agency, we understand the importance of excellence across a wide range of services such as call center management, mass tort marketing, media buying, digital marketing, consulting, and broadcast TV and web video production.We work hard to provide top quality leads for your law firm. In addition to a law firm’s advertising efforts, it’s vitally important to have a sophisticated intake strategy to manage incoming calls. If attorneys are unable to answer the number of inquiries they receive on a daily basis, their ability to grow as a law firm significantly decreases.Whitehardt works with NexaPlus, a premium virtual receptionist service, to ensure that our clients are equipped with an intake team that can oversee the large volume of calls that result from our ads.Your marketing strategy is only as effective as your law firm’s ability to receive high-quality leads relevant to your practice. if you’re not prepared to handle the influx of calls your advertising efforts will deliver, your efforts will be wasted.With Nexa’s help, Whitehardt can implement a unique and thoughtful intake process that sets you apart from the competition.

The Importance of Virtual Assistant Services

An unanswered inquiry can mean a lost lead.According to Nexa, “Nearly 80 percent of all business calls go unanswered or are placed on hold. Of those, 32 percent of callers immediately hang up. As business owners, you have to ask yourself; how many leads am I missing?”Nexa helps ensure that callers looking for legal services are greeted by professional, caring receptionists. What’s more, NexaPlus virtual receptionists allow Whitehardt’s clients and their staff to focus on other important tasks within their firms. The benefits of using virtual assistance include:

Proper Intake

A strong intake system is vital to a law firm’s overall mass tort marketing strategy. A highly-trained virtual receptionist can answer every call and decipher which callers are the most likely to turn into cases.This way, you never miss a chance of obtaining quality leads. Your firm needs to have a comprehensive intake system in place. If it doesn't, it will be difficult to convert leads into cases.


In order to determine productivity and efficiency, you must have access to the data surrounding the calls coming into your office. Data is significant information that allows a firm to see the effectiveness of their call center and make improvements, if necessary, to perfect their process and scale growth. The Nexa Insight app and portal makes it easy for our team to access call info and data wherever, whenever.

Why Whitehardt Uses Nexa for Complete Efficiency

While there are many different call center companies, Whitehardt uses Nexa for the following reasons:#1- They are a U.S. based company. There are call center service companies across the globe, but we want to support our country’s economy by utilizing the services of companies that reside in the U.S., such as Nexa.Whitehardt believes that an intake specialist should be more than a data collector. It’s important our intake team understands the social impact of the potential cases they review. For this reason, Nexa was the perfect fit.#2 - They allow our company to train their team on our intake best practices. Whitehardt has years of experience with call management and knows what works efficiently to ensure a law firm receives quality leads. One of the reasons we work with Nexa is because they allow us to train their employees with the tools we know are successful.Additionally, Nexa allows Whitehardt to implement our own customized and innovative scripts. We want callers to feel like they are communicating with a neighbor, not someone who is simply asking questions and taking answers. Nexa ensures that when people call the law firms we work with, they will communicate with a compassionate and well-trained agent.#3- They have the necessary technology and integrate our tools.If a call center cannot handle 300 phone calls within two minutes, then Whitehardt is unable to use their services. NexaPlus has the capability to handle the large number of calls that our clients receive every day.Furthermore, Nexa allows our team to integrate tools, such as call tracking, call recording, and call reporting, so we can continuously review our success rate. We are constantly analyzing cost per acquisition and cost per case specialist to maximize results for our clients.

Whitehardt Implements Nexa Call Center Services to Build Your Intake System

Whitehardt has managed mass tort marketing campaigns for law firms across the country. We highly recommend Nexa for assistance with your intake system. From their customized tools to their experience handling a massive amount of calls, you can trust Nexa as your call center management team.To learn more about how Whitehardt can develop your law firm’s intake system with the help of Nexa, call our office at 615-577-1010, or fill out our inquiry form.


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