Two Ways Small Businesses Can Increase ROI And Stay Competitive During The Intake Process

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Getting ahead of competition with intake management

As the cost of countless goods reaches all-time highs, many consumers are looking to cut costs and spend less. To survive, small businesses must embrace strong customer service plans and remain agile.

Here are two forward-thinking approaches small businesses should implement immediately to increase return on investment and gain a competitive edge.

Streamline the customer journey with an answering service

Making the buyer experience as convenient and efficient as possible is necessary to keep them engaged and satisfied. Potential and existing customers don’t want to be on the phone for long periods or struggle to speak to a live agent. In fact, some generations like millennials and GenZ may not even want to talk on the phone at all and prefer to book appointments over text or live chat. Meeting your audience where they’re at starts with streamlining the customer’s experience. If an individual wants to book a home services appointment, you should provide them with a choice of how to contact you. Improving the customer experience starts with providing fast and convenient support. [2] Offering customers a range of appointment-booking options such as over a call, text or live chat has a high probability of increasing conversion.

You want to be sure that you are providing high-quality support where customer issues are resolved, and leads are converted. Your business should be employing call agents who specialize in providing fast service that is tailored to meet your business needs like those at Nexa. Evaluate your buyer’s journey and be proactive in eliminating barriers they may have.

Premium customer service is non-negotiable. We’ll meet your customers where they are with our 24/7 business answering service. Learn more!

Make strategic data-driven decisions

Every business owner wants to be strategic in how they allocate their resources. In an ideal world, every business owner would use data insights to better shape their products, services and customer experience. Unfortunately, data intelligence has often been reserved for larger companies with disposable resources, including staff, technology and revenue. This precedent has led several small businesses, especially in industries like home services, to underestimate the value that data intelligence can offer.

However, because smaller businesses are often operating on much smaller margins and liquidity cushions, underestimating data intelligence can cost them even more. When there is less money in the “rainy day” fund, the more exposed you and your business become. There is a much larger risk in not investing in data insights as a smaller business seeking a return on investment. According to a recent article published in Nasdaq, when business owners allow data to drive outcomes, they can “forecast customer demand, predict emerging risks, spot opportunities and seize them." [1]

You must be proactive in customer service as you may not have the resources required to be reactive. It is oftentimes far more affordable to maintain a customer base than to acquire one which is why your customer must have a seamless experience.

Nexa: A call answering service that meets your customer’s needs

Our call agents exceed expectations when it comes to answering phones and providing customer service. We are available for 24/7/365 coverage. With live phone, text and chat features, we meet your customers where they are at. A virtual receptionist will take care of the appointment booking while taking detailed customer notes. From there, we integrate with your existing CRM/case management software.  By providing potential and existing customers with a choice in how to contact you and expanding availability, you are increasing the likelihood of a lead and conversion.

In addition to our around-the-clock services from industry professionals, we provide our clients with access to smart data. We will give you a detailed breakdown of who is calling your team and when. We will track referral sources to ensure we are maximizing every resource. With this information, even small home services businesses can make strategic, data-based decisions. When you are making decisions based on data instead of gut instincts, you are more likely to see a return on investment when you best understand how your customers behave.

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