What a Virtual Receptionist App Can Do for Your Business

Learn how a virtual receptionist app can help your business to ensure every call is handled professionally and quickly, even out of business hours!

What Can You Control in The App?

The NexaInsights app gives you the ultimate control as well as portability. You can make changes on the train on your commute, or even from your cell phone while you are on vacation if you need to.Having an app and a portal to track and manage your call answering service is very beneficial. a lot of virtual receptionist services don't have any sort of way for you to access the data. You may just get a monthly summary or just a monthly bill. Whatever monthly plan you opt for with Nexa, you can use our mobile app.Nexa aims to integrate perfectly with your business and the mobile app is one of the many ways we give transparency and convenience.The NexaInsights portal allows you to:

  • View information in real-time. No waiting until the end of the month.
  • Access and manage messages in real-time. If you need to step in or view the notes from a certain call, this is easy in the app.
  • Update your availability. If there is a certain time when you need to route calls to a virtual receptionist, you can set this up in the app.
  • Create reports and analyze your call data.

The app is simple and intuitive to use. Simple snapshots give you a quick overview of things like inbound calls, but you can delve in much deeper to see the inner-details of your business calls.

A Virtual Receptionist App Lets You Take Action Quickly

"In a world where everything is moving so rapidly, simply being fast isn't enough; you have to be faster than anyone and everyone." — Jeff Lerner

So, how can you turn speed into one of your advantages over competitors?Whether you are trying to make the best impression on potential clients, or you need to take fast action on a customer service issue, an app can be the best way to do so.Nexa's virtual receptionist app shows messages in real-time. If there is anything you need to follow up on, you can quickly assign an employee to make a call or follow up on an issue. Rather than having to wait for a summary, you can step in and take control whenever you need to. The information regarding what has been covered in the call can be found at the tap of a button, ensuring you have all of the information needed to handle the customer.

Virtual Receptionist App Nexa

Ensure Calls Are Always Answered

Being able to manage your virtual receptionist service so easily via an app means that you can ensure your business phone number always leads to a real person, rather than a voicemail service. Research shows that up to 80% of customers will hang up rather than wait to leave a voicemail, so it pays to have a real person on the end of customer calls.Nexa's virtual receptionists can deal with calls at any time of the day. However, by updating your availability, and the availability of your team, you can ensure that it is easy for a virtual receptionist to schedule appointments and forward calls to the relevant member of staff.Updating your availability within the app takes a matter of seconds to do. A live virtual receptionist can always be available, but small business owners might find that their schedule changes.

The Best Virtual Receptionist Apps Keep Everyone in The Loop

As your business grows, it is vitally important that all of the key employees and partners are able to keep track of what is going on. When it comes to keeping your communications professional, letting customers slip by the wayside or get forgotten about is a recipe for disaster.Nexa's virtual receptionist app allows you to keep track of the chats and calls that have already taken place. It creates a clear system to keep notes, and each team member can see the current state of a client inquiry or complaint.It doesn't matter what point someone jumps in at, you can see if someone's issue has been dealt with. It could be that the virtual assistant has provided all of the information needed, and signposted someone to the right place. Alternatively, you might need to follow up on the call to make a sale, solve a problem or make an appointment. At a glance, you will be able to see the current state of a call.It's easy to add a note to an existing call record.

Nexa Virtual Receptionist App

If someone has contacted and expressed an interest in your services, the receptionists can leave a note to explain this. If you then follow up, you can quickly make a note from your phone to say you have dealt with the call.It couldn't be easier to keep everyone in the loop and ensure no customers fall through the cracks. Your virtual receptionists will follow a script you create. This means they can deal with the majority of inquiries, but there might be times when you want to take over, and the notes system means you can leave instructions, or just keep a detailed record.The system also means there is total transparency at all times. You can download a summary of all messages within a certain time period if you wish, and track the way calls have been managed.

Permissions and Admin Privileges

Of course, this is another aspect that you can manage quickly and easily within the app. There are three different types of admin:

  • Company Admin can create, modify, and delete users, and they also have the power to reset passwords.
  • Message Admin can view other people’s messages as well as their own. They can add comments, archive, or alter the assignment on a message entry.
  • On Call Admin can add coverage to an on call entry, create, modify and delete on call assignments.

The Best Virtual Receptionist App For Reporting

Generating reports is a crucial benefit of a virtual receptionist app. You can generate reports via our online platform, accessible on your browser. You can also generate reports on the go via the smartphone app.Reports of our live call answering service give you a full overview of what has been taking place, and how the important calls to your business have been dealt with even if you weren't the one dealing with them.There are different reports that can be generated via the NexaInsights app, all of which give you a different insight into how your business phone lines are operating."Account Snapshot" shows you the following data:

  • A list of calls with the direction, start and end times.
  • Caller ID, caller ID names.
  • DNIS that the call was routed to.
  • If the virtual receptionist tried to route callers elsewhere you can see if there was a patch attempt.
  • Total calls in and out.
  • Average minutes per call.

"Message Summaries" allow you to generate and download an excel spreadsheet of all of the calls to take place between a certain set of dates. These can be stored for future reference if required."Billing Summary" gives you a simple overview of the minutes used, and how much time you are going to be billed for at the end of the month. It shows minutes, total calls, and a breakdown of both inbound and outbound calls. You can easily track how much the answering service costs on a daily or weekly basis, and whether it might be better to switch to one of our other plans.

Virtual Receptionist App

A "Sunday to Monday" weekly summary can also be generated. This sends as an excel attachment with two tabs. The number of inbound calls per half hour, per day, are stated on the sheet.There is also a graph showing both inbound and outbound calls. This is particularly useful if you take advantage of our outbound services for marketing.This reporting is useful for a number of things, from accounting to employee management. It is also a great way to spot patterns about how your business operates. Are you more likely to get calls from prospective customers on a certain day of the week? Do your phone lines need less (or more) coverage at the weekend?

How a Virtual Receptionist App Can Help You To Never Miss a Customer

It is amazing how many virtual receptionist services don't allow you access to live data. In the modern age, we believe you shouldn't have to wait to see this information. If you want to provide exceptional customer service then you need to move quickly, and with an app, you get the ultimate flexibility.The modern entrepreneur is often totally independent of location, so you might not be sitting at a laptop at any time in the day. With our app, you can take advantage of management and reporting at the press of a button.


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