The Business Advantages of a Virtual Receptionist Service

Serving as an extension of your office or administrative team, quality virtual receptionists receive industry-specific training so that your current or potential customers will never know that they’re speaking with a virtual receptionist.

What Is A Virtual Receptionist Service?

Serving as an extension of your office or administrative team, quality virtual receptionists receive industry-specific training so that your current or potential customers will never know that they’re speaking with a virtual receptionist. For example, anytime that a Nexa virtual receptionist picks up the phone line, your customers will think they’re speaking directly to someone from your office.

At Nexa specifically, our mission is to provide excellent sales and customer service experiences on every call, and we do that through our rigorous quality assurance program, which frequently monitors and scores our virtual receptionists upon the completion of a call. This commitment to excellence motivates our associates to engage with your prospects and customers in ways that encourage growth and brand loyalty for your business.

The Benefits of Working With A Virtual Receptionist Services Provider

Whether you’re looking to reduce overhead costs associated with an in-office receptionist, or you’re feeling overwhelmed by the high volume of calls your business receives, our team of virtual receptionists is here to help. We improve efficiency for companies across a wide range of industries, minimizing the strain on internal staff while also making it possible to handle more calls quickly and with greater accuracy. At Nexa, our virtual receptionists work to:

• Provide 24/7/365 phone coverage for your company, so that you’re always available for customers and new business opportunities

• Improve intake, scheduling, and the speed and quality of service

• Increase the number of calls answered without relying on internal staff

• Scale marketing efforts to provide improved coverage of phone calls, web leads and more

• Remove language barriers with our 100% U.S.-based bilingual staff, helping you reach a larger customer base in both English and Spanish

Industries That Choose Nexa For Its Virtual Receptionist Services

Companies across multiple industries rely on Nexa to deliver exceptional virtual receptionist services to their clients and business contacts. Our virtual receptionist services can fit into any and all business formats, from businesses that just need someone to handle after-hour emergencies to franchisees whose bottom line depends on delivering a consistent customer experience across multiple locations. Our expertise in addressing industry-specific challenges is what truly sets us apart from other virtual receptionist services out there. These are just some of the industries that we service:

• Home services and HVAC

• Legal

• Healthcare

• E-Commerce

• Retail

• Real estate

• Franchises

More About Nexa’s Virtual Receptionist Services

As your business or organization grows, so does your call volume. When you’re a small operation, it’s easier to stay in touch personally over the phone with your clients or customers. But as the number of calls increases, you’ll likely consider hiring an in-house receptionist to answer calls and schedule appointments or handle other administrative tasks. Adding one or even multiple in-house receptionists can be costly and time-consuming. That’s where Nexa virtual receptionists come in. Learn more about working with a virtual receptionist and the services we offer in the following FAQs:

What is the difference between an in-house receptionist that I hire and a virtual receptionist that works for Nexa?

When we’re talking skills and professional abilities, the only real difference between an in-house receptionist and a Nexa virtual receptionist is that our virtual receptionists work off-site. Our skilled professionals typically work from their home office or a Nexa call center, but they can be trained to do everything an in-house receptionist would manage on behalf of your business. On top of that, working with a Nexa virtual receptionist is more cost efficient, because you’re not paying a salary or associated overhead.

Why shouldn’t I just pay even less and hire an automated answering service?

Be honest: How much do you love calling a company and being greeted by a robot? Live virtual receptionists are a smart investment because they offer a much superior service than a robot-based system, which can be inaccurate and highly frustrating to customers. By routing customer calls directly to a human being, you’re extending a personal connection between your brand and current or potential customers. You’re showing them that their call is, in fact, valuable to you.

What are the benefits of working with a live virtual receptionist service?

Where do we start? There are many, including:

• Fewer Overhead Costs: As mentioned above, worrying about purchasing office supplies, computers, telephones and other equipment for an in-house receptionist team is no longer a concern once you transition to a virtual receptionist service. Think about how much financial and operational stress can be taken off of your shoulders once you have an off-site team answering all of your calls.

• Consistent Customer Experience: After signing on with Nexa, we work with you to perfect the phone answering script and processes that our virtual receptionists follow when fielding your company’s calls. Our team may not always be in the same state as you or your customers, but your clients will never know. We always provide a high-quality and consistent customer experience across the board—something our franchisee clients particularly appreciate.

• Never Lose Customers To A Missed Call Again: Customers are quick to lose interest or even call-up your competitor when there’s not a prompt answer to their first call. Don’t let your hard-earned warm leads go to waste. Our virtual receptionists work 24/7/365 to ensure a smooth, efficient experience between your customers and your business.

• The Human Connection: We’ve all been there. You call a customer service phone number only to find it impossible to reach an actual person. This creates frustration and a simultaneous desire to never call or interact with that business again. By using a live virtual receptionist, you show customers that you genuinely care about their time and, let’s be honest, their sanity.

• Make Angry Customers Happy: Driving leads and conversions is all about enhancing the user experience. Customers who are unhappy with their product or service are only going to become angrier if they’re connected to an automated machine. Putting your aggravated customers in touch with a live 24/7 virtual receptionist can turn even the unhappiest buyer into a long-term customer.

Are virtual receptionists and live receptionists the same thing?

Yes! “Virtual receptionist” and “live receptionist” are just two different phrases to describe the same thing. A virtual receptionist, or a live receptionist, is a real-life human being (not an automated robot) that can perform a variety of administrative tasks—answering calls, following up on leads, scheduling appointments and entering data into your company’s chosen CRM software, for example. They work from home or a larger call center and interact with your client callers as if they are employees of your business. So, when your customer speaks with a Nexa live virtual receptionist, they’ll never know that they’re speaking with a call answering service. They’ll call directly into your company’s phone number, but be redirected to one of our friendly and professional virtual receptionists, who are trained to sound and act like an in-house member of your administrative team.

Do affordable virtual receptionist services lack quality?

No, you absolutely don’t have to sacrifice quality of service for affordability. At Nexa, our virtual receptionists are expertly trained to address industry-specific needs and deliver a superior customer experience. They learn the ins and outs of your business, helping to capture more calls and create greater efficiency for your company. Our virtual receptionists are adaptable, professional and—most importantly—customer service-oriented. And, Nexa offers flexible call answering services for businesses of all sizes.  

What types of tasks can a virtual receptionist perform?

A virtual receptionist can perform any and all of the same tasks that an in-house receptionist handles, including:

• Providing 24/7/365 live phone coverage and call forwarding—your current and potential clients will speak with a professional receptionist, no matter when they call. Our associates handle every call as if it’s their first of the day.

• 100% U.S.-based bilingual customer support in both English and Spanish, helping you connect with a large customer base.

• Scheduling and appointment setting, as well as emergency call escalation and dispatching of service technicians, for example, if needed.

• CRM management—Nexa virtual receptionists are trained in your industry-specific software, so that your valuable customer and sales data is always up-to-date.

• Lead qualification and intake, helping you identify where your best new business opportunities lie.

• Outbound calling to follow-up on warm leads, survey customers, track down unpaid invoices and get deals signed.

• Various other administrative projects.

Are Nexa virtual receptionists bilingual?

Yes, our virtual receptionists are bilingual. Our team of friendly and professional associates can handle any volume of Spanish-speaking calls. Nexa virtual receptionists are fluent in Spanish, so your company can provide superior customer service to a multicultural audience. And, our bilingual receptionists receive industry-specific training, learning the ins and outs of your business and customer base, so that they can perform important administrative tasks with ease. When a Spanish-speaking customer connects with one of our bilingual associates, they’ll think they’re speaking directly to someone in your office. That means your customers, whether they speak English or Spanish, will never know that they’re talking with a call answering service. Nexa’s bilingual virtual receptionists serve as an extension of your administrative team.

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