5 Ways Nexa Receptionists Empowers Your Business

Nexa's virtual receptionists help businesses capture more leads, grow revenue and be available to customers and prospects 24/7/365.

5 Ways Nexa Receptionists Empowers Your Business

As a business owner or operator, we know you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make your company a success. But what if we told you that you don’t have to do it all alone? By delegating your customer support to friendly and knowledgeable virtual receptionists, you can focus on what you do best—and leave the administrative work to us.Nexa’s virtual receptionists allow your business to capture every lead and grow revenue by making you available to clients and prospects 24/7/365. Our virtual receptionists serve as an expertly trained extension of your business, ensuring you never miss business another opportunity, no matter what time that next call comes in. Here are five ways Nexa Receptionists empowers your business.

#1: We Capture Every Lead

Nexa’s U.S.-based bilingual virtual receptionists help you reach a larger customer base so you can capture more calls and leads. Without having to rely on your internal staff, we increase the number of calls you answer, which in turn increases the number of callers you can convert into paying clients. With Nexa’s virtual receptionists on your team, you won’t miss out on another business opportunity. And we don’t just answer phones—we also respond to web inquiries, chats and emails, for starters.

#2: We Help You Grow Your Revenue

Nexa's virtual receptionists help grow revenue by providing expert service at a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee. We help scale your marketing efforts by capturing all lead opportunities, drastically increasing conversion rates. We also qualify high-quality leads on your behalf, streamlining your intake process while you focus on other revenue-generating business objectives. All that, and we integrate with your preferred customer relationship management (CRM) software to track business and identify key areas of opportunity.We also provide outbound sales and lead generation services, which makes outbound calling a competitive advantage for your business with our lead gen experts who help fill empty appointments, increase brand loyalty and boost internal efficiencies through performance-driven calling campaigns. For just one of our clients, these outbound initiatives resulted in 40 to 60 new appointments per day, leading to an average of $600 in new revenue per appointment booked.

#3: We Make Your Company Available To Clients 24/7/365

Disasters don’t just happen when it’s convenient. That’s why we provide ‘round-the-clock phone coverage and emergency call escalation/technician dispatch, which is especially useful for the home services and medical industries, but truly beneficial to any company that needs to be available to its clients outside of standard working hours.Let’s go with the home services example for now, though. If you work in this industry, you know pipes burst and basements flood usually at the most inconvenient times. When a client calls in at 10 p.m., our virtual receptionists provide immediate response and route the call to whoever is up next on your emergency dispatch list. Likewise, for the medical industry, our virtual receptionists can connect critical calls to the doctor or medical professional that’s on call.Nexa’s virtual receptionists are always there, so you and your staff don’t have to be—whether it’s during lunch, overflow support for peak hours, after-hours, on weekends or holidays. We’ve got you covered with our call answering or business texting services, so you can create a better experience for your current and potential clients alike, even when you and staff are busy taking care of other responsibilities.

#4: We Serve As An Extension Of Your Business

Our virtual receptionists are expertly trained in your business, brand and industry. This is truly what sets us apart most from our competitors. Our hiring and training processes ensure that when current or potential clients call in, they‘ll think they’re speaking directly with someone in your office.We start by selecting the best candidates for the job. Nexa only seeks out individuals with stellar communication and problem-solving skills. Then, our training and quality assurance programs make sure that our receptionists have all the necessary technical skills required for the job, like knowing how to answer industry- or company-specific questions, schedule appointments, and how and when to escalate calls.At the end of the day, we improve efficiency and minimize strain on your staff by covering your phones entirely or providing support for peak or off-hours.

#5: We Give You Real Work-Life Balance

You can’t do it all—answer calls, schedule appointments, manage client inquiries and concerns, and perform your actual job. Period. It’s also possible that your existing staff could use some extra support. Ask yourself, could you be missing out on calls?Maintaining a work-life balance helps reduce stress, keeps you healthy and ultimately prevents burnout, so you can continue doing the job that you love. Nexa’s virtual receptionists take care of your business by being available for your customers at all hours so that you can do your job…and get rest when rest is due.

Our Expertly-Trained Virtual Receptionists Deliver A Superior Experience For Your Customers

Nexa Receptionists’ team of friendly and knowledgeable virtual receptionists answer every call as if it were the first of their day and are expertly trained to address the industry-specific needs of your clients. Learn more about the benefits of virtual receptionist services and the advantages it can provide for your business here.


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