Virtual Receptionists Help Employee Retention Amidst The “Big Quit”

How will the "big quit" affect your business? Find out what a leading answering service recommends to prepare.

Transparency Improves Employee Retention Amidst The “Big Quit” Era

Layoffs at large companies such as Amazon, Meta, Dell, Microsoft, BlackRock and Goldman Sachs have made headlines since mid-2022. Surprisingly, however, the number of resignations greatly outnumber the employees who have been laid off – by three times. Despite 500,000 jobs being added in January, the “big quit” means employers are struggling to retain workers.1 In November, 4.2 million workers quit their jobs “marking the 18th straight month of record-breaking quits in the U.S.” Furthermore, 61% of workers in a Linkedin survey reported they may leave their jobs this year.2

Workers report lack of transparency led them to quit

In 2020, Paychex researchers surveyed over 1,000 U.S. employees and 200 managers. Survey participants were asked about their expectations and experiences with transparency and accountability at the workplace.3 Over 75% of respondents stated they wanted more employer transparency. 30% of survey respondents also attributed lack of transparency surrounding job growth as the reason they ultimately left their positions. This research indicates that improving transparency in the workplace is one possible solution to keeping employees happier for longer.  

Increase transparency to improve employee retention

Employers can increase transparency in various ways. One way to increase transparency in the workplace is through document organization. Experts recommend to “be intentional” about where information is stored and to appoint “librarians” who can structure and organize information.4

Employers should also solicit feedback from employees in various forums and platforms. In addition to digital surveys, management should consider utilizing supervisor one-on-ones and “ask me anything” sessions as opportunities to gather feedback. Once the data is reviewed, managers should present the findings to the team with a high-level summary. It is helpful to include visualizations and demographic information and ensure it will be public. If possible, business owners should show employees that their feedback and participation matters. Increased transparency can reduce employee dissatisfaction and help to improve internal processes.

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In addition to improving transparency, business owners should actively work to allocate resources to reduce employee burnout properly. At Nexa Receptionists, we employ over 350 workers to help companies maximize their growth potential. Every call is answered within three rings, leading to appointment-setting services that bring 5 to 10 times the return on investment. Our CRM/CMS integration means appointments are booked directly to your calendar. With our appointment-booking service, you can free up internal resources and dedicate more in-person time to helping customers.

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