VoiceNation VS Nexa: VoiceNation Alternatives Explored and Compared

Voicenation alternatives: what is REALLY best for your business? Comparing Voicenation to other call answering and virtual receptionist services...

Setup - VoiceNation Answering Service vs Nexa

The setup is the first thing you will be tackling once you decide on a provider, so it is the first thing we've compared in our guide. Setup includes things like the contract you will sign with the provider as well as fees for setup and cancellation.


VoiceNation charges a setup fee, and this depends on which plan you are going to opt for. The fee can be up to $99. There is a free trial which is capped at 7-days or 30 minutes.

  • Up to a $99 setup fee, depending on which plan
  • Free 7-day/30-minute trial
  • No contract


Nexa also charges a setup fee, and you are not tied into a contract for the long-term. There is also a money-back guarantee which is limited at either 21 days, or 500-minutes, whichever comes first. This gives you a safety net and allows you to evaluate the service.

  • $90 setup fee
  • No contract
  • 21-day money-back guarantee


Both services offer you the flexibility of no contract, and relatively small setup fees. VoiceNation's trial gives 30 minutes of calls. This equates to around 7 calls according to Invoca's research which states the average business call is around 4 minutes. While Nexa's offering isn't a free trial, our plans have a money-back guarantee and allow you to use the service for either 21 days or 500 minutes to evaluate while still under this guarantee.

Monthly Pricing Plans

This is going to be the ongoing cost for your business. The VoiceNation pricing and Nexa pricing should definitely be considered when making any sort of decision on which to opt for.

VoiceNation Pricing

VoiceNation's pricing is based on both features and time. The contractual time you agree to makes the pricing cheaper, but if you don't use this time then it can mean money gets wasted.Voicenation does offer custom plans, but their pricing is laid out on the website:

  • $49/month for "basic" - 20 minutes
  • $99/month for "business" - 50 minutes
  • $249/month "pro" - 150 minutes
  • $449/month "executive" - 300 minutes
  • $799/month "enterprise" - 600 minutes
  • Custom plans available

Nexa Pricing

Nexa is very flexible in the pricing of services, and because of this, what you are paying can vary. On average, an answering service can cost you around 65 cents to just over a dollar for a call, as explained on our Plans page.One of many things we at Nexa are proud of is the fact that we provide solutions for businesses of different sizes, plus different features depending on which plan you opt for. You can work with us to create the ideal solution.If you want a simple, flat-rate service, Nexa Go is a quick-and-easy way to get up and running, with our flexible call answering solution for businesses of any size. The pricing for this service, including Calendly integration, is as follows:

  • $99 per month
  • $1.50 per minute


For large businesses, looking for large volumes of phone calls to be handled, it is worth contacting the companies in question to create a personalized plan based on your needs. Both Nexa and VoiceNation can provide this. For growing entrepreneurs and businesses, it can be really hard to know exactly what you need. The number of minutes people will spend on the phone to your business might vary from month to month. The flexibility of the Nexa Go plan is preferred by many customers in this situation. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from Nexa's plans, whether the flat rate of Nexa Go, or an Enterprise solution.

Industry Specialisms

Both Nexa and VoiceNation can provide specific plans for certain industries, ensuring a great fit for your business.People in some industries might be concerned about a virtual phone system or outsourcing their customer interaction because of the fact that a degree of specialist knowledge is required. Industry-specific answering services can be a solution.

VoiceNation Industry Services

VoiceNation's industry-specific products include:

  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Real Estate
  • Digital Marketing

The services, such as the VoiceNation Medical plan, are HIPAA compliant. The VoiceNation website explains that employees who will be answering the calls are highly trained but it doesn't go into too much detail on this matter.

Nexa Industry Specialisms

Nexa's products designed for specific industries can give you peace of mind that your calls are being handled in a professional way, even in the medical field or other high-pressure scenarios.Nexa's industry-specific products include:

  • Nexa Home Services - ideal for services to the home where someone might need help in an emergency, such as a plumber.
  • Nexa Medical - professionals trained in medical call answering will answer calls for your business.
  • Nexa Professional - suitable for industries including Legal, Real Estate, Professional Services, Insurance, Franchises, and more.


Though VoiceNation's industry specialisms are wide-reaching on the outside looking in, the products are pretty similar in most cases, and it isn't always clear what training has been provided. In the case of Medical services, Nexa Medical means that staff have been through the NexaMedical certification program with 85+ hours of training in medical call answering. All calls are handled in a professional and HIPAA-compliant way. In the medical industry, it isn't worth taking any risks.

Feature Comparison - VoiceNation Features vs Nexa

If you are looking to go through some VoiceNation reviews and Nexa reviews you are not just going to compare whether or not they are reliable options, you will want to know if they offer a number of features that your business can find helpful. As both companies have evolved, their features have grown, too.Both VoiceNation and Nexa offer many of the same features, or at least, features that appear the same on paper:

  • 24/7 live answering services, 365 days of the year.
  • Analytics including a mobile app to track time used and more statistics.
  • Bilingual operators within Nexa and VoiceNation team allowing you to take bilingual telephone calls.
  • Both allow you to create custom scripts to allow your phone call and live chat operators to answer in a style specific to your business and take the information required.
  • US-based operators. Both services ensure that you aren't outsourcing to an offshore call center or sacrificing any of the communication qualities.
  • Filter to reduce the number of wasted switchboard calls and spam calls you are having to deal with.

Nexa Features

Nexa does have some additional features to offer. One of these is Integration with CRMs and a number of other applications. Check a more comprehensive overview of the integrations for Nexa here. In the modern age, you probably use a lot of different software within your business to manage calendars, invoicing, and other parts of your business.While VoiceNation does offer some Calendly integration, the integration and appointment setting of Nexa is far superior.Another standout feature that can help your business to grow is the fact that Nexa can provide you with outbound support. Many businesses don't just rely on having employees or services to answer their phones, they need to make calls, too.Our outbound sales services are a part of specific, custom plans. We can flex entirely to your needs. A quick look at our outbound sales page will show you a case study on the benefits that outbound calls can help with. A HVAC and plumbing contractor in the Southwest was able to use our outbound appointment setting initiative to gain 40-60 appointments daily, which were being left open due to the lack of call staff. The initiative led to an average of $600 revenue for each appointment.Not every business requires outbound services, but those who can't keep up with making appointment-setting calls, or need other regular calls to customers made, this can be a solution that doesn't require taking on extra employees.

VoiceNation Features

VoiceNation has one offering that some other answering services do not provide. They are also a provider of web chat services. This means that they can answer text-based questions in real time on your website. This is a step up from AI chatbot services.Though this can be useful for a wide range of businesses, it does come at an extra cost as part of a custom package you will need to negotiate with VoiceNation.

Overall Comparison - VoiceNation vs Nexa

It's very important that you evaluate the needs of your own business, and how you can provide a great customer experience. Think about whether you need outbound calls or just a service to handle inbound calls, or out of hours calls.If you want to tie your services to a live chat function on your website, handled by the same company, VoiceNation offers this service.For the utmost in app and third-party integrations, along with the capacity to provide outbound calls, Nexa can provide a custom live answering service for your needs.If you are a growing a business and need an incredibly flexible service when you don't know exactly how many calls you are going to be dealing with, Nexa Go can ensure that you aren't paying for more minutes than you need, or getting stung by signing up for a plan with too few minutes included and having to pay separately for extra.


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